configure: Fix reading the branch control file for FFmpeg
[mplayer.git] / stream /
2018-12-15 reimarstream_bd: support new VUK storage locations of libaacs.
2018-05-06 reimarMinor spelling fix.
2017-04-29 reimarstream_dvd.c: Partially support non-ascii file paths.
2016-02-26 reimarstream_cddb: do not pointlessly call stat() before...
2016-02-26 reimarasf_streaming: comment out unused code.
2016-02-21 rtogniPermit compilation of strem_pvr on systems without...
2016-02-21 reimartvi_v4l2: Avoid potential integer overflows.
2016-02-20 reimarstream_dvdnav: check dvdnav_current_title_info return...
2016-02-20 reimarExplicitly mark intentional case fallthroughs.
2016-02-20 reimarCheck streaming_bufferize result.
2016-02-20 reimarstream_pvr: allow initial latency when opening stream
2016-02-20 reimarstream_pvr: fix bogus error message on device poll...
2016-02-20 reimarstream_pvr: add AAC and AC-3 audio encoding control...
2016-02-20 reimarstream_pvr: validate extended v4l2 controls before...
2016-02-20 reimarstream_pvr: refactor add_v4l2_ext_control
2016-02-14 reimarasf_streaming: fix memleaks on errors.
2016-02-13 reimarstream: Add const to options defaults.
2016-02-13 reimarstream_netstream: fix locking EAGAIN handling.
2016-02-13 reimarstream/tv: add missing const to demuxer struct.
2016-02-13 reimarfreesdp/errorlist.c: Add missing const.
2016-02-12 reimarfreesdp/parser.c: Fix null check in previous commit.
2016-02-12 reimarfreesdp/parser.c: break loop if no more strings found.
2016-02-12 reimarRemove pointless NULL checks.
2016-02-11 reimarstream_radio: Fix memleak.
2016-02-11 reimarstream_dvb.c: Fix memleak.
2016-02-11 reimarstream_dvb: Fix memleak and use-after-free.
2016-02-11 reimarstream_dvb: Fix memleak.
2016-02-10 reimarstream_radio: fix incorrect free.
2016-02-10 reimarstream_pvr.c: use safer argument.
2016-02-10 reimarstream_pvr: Fix error check to actually work.
2016-02-10 ibFree open file handle.
2016-02-09 reimarpnm: check server message length validity.
2016-02-09 reimarrealrtsp: Add some size range checks.
2016-02-09 reimarxbuffer: make code more robust.
2016-02-08 reimarstream_dvd: Clean up error handling paths.
2016-02-08 reimarstream_dvd: Prefer calloc over malloc.
2016-02-08 reimarrtsp.c: Fix off-by-one error.
2016-02-08 reimarRemove pointless assignments.
2015-12-29 ibFix build regression on FreeBSD.
2015-10-17 rtogniAutodetect HLS/Applehttp streams and play them using...
2015-10-17 rtogniInit network when using libavformat for streaming
2015-09-16 rtogniFix build failure in kfreeBSD
2015-09-08 ibChange message level.
2015-08-31 ibMake info message translatable.
2015-08-31 ibAutomatically detect the first media data track in...
2015-08-31 ibPrefer playing VCD with libcdio.
2015-08-26 ibFix start sector calculation bug in the cue driver.
2015-08-25 ibAdd stream control command STREAM_CTRL_GET_NUM_ANGLES...
2015-08-25 ibAdd stream control command aliases to the cue driver.
2015-08-25 ibCosmetic: Remove all references to Video CDs from the...
2015-08-25 ibEnable broken audio CD image support in the cue stream...
2015-08-25 ibEnable playing Video CDs with libcdio.
2015-08-01 reimarstream.c: Fix eof being set too early in some cases.
2015-07-20 alfreesdp/errorlist: Fix "bandwith" typo in string literal
2015-05-31 ibFix libcdio autodetection failure.
2015-03-29 alstream/cookies: Windows: Read the cookies file in binar...
2014-12-10 alstream_vstream: Do not use already formatted string...
2014-12-06 reimarstream.c: Fix stream_reset to not change s->pos.
2014-10-25 reimarstream: Fix unreliable probe behaviour on non-seekable...
2014-10-25 reimarstream: Avoid unnecessary seek when our buffer is empty.
2014-10-24 reimarstream_dvdnav.c: Fix compatibility with newer libdvdnav.
2014-09-17 reimarbluray: Fix STREAM_CTRL_SEEK_TO_TIME for out-of-bound...
2014-09-17 reimarbluray: fix seek implementation again.
2014-09-17 reimarbluray: check bd_seek result more thoroughly.
2014-08-09 compnstream: force https url to ffmpeg://
2014-06-10 iiveAllow building of v4l2 without clock_gettime().
2014-06-10 iiveUse correct type of timestamps when recording from...
2014-05-27 reimarbluray: add some missing stream controls.
2014-04-06 reimarstream: Move variables into lowest possible scope.
2014-04-06 reimarcddb: Fix memleak in error case.
2014-02-23 reimarAdd additional sanity checks.
2014-02-23 reimarAdd some extra checks to avoid potential crashes.
2014-02-23 komhvcd_read_os2.h: replace calloc() with _calloc() only...
2014-02-23 reimarAdd bluray playlist -identify printout.
2014-02-23 komhvcd: make high memory safe on OS/2 kLIBC
2014-02-14 reimarMerge DVDNAV event handling into a single switch.
2014-02-14 reimarMake sdp:// URLs also work via FFmpeg.
2014-01-26 reimarstream.c: remove pointless NULL check.
2014-01-26 alDo not use non-literal arguments for mp_msg format...
2014-01-25 reimarstream_netstream: Simplify packet handling.
2014-01-25 reimarstream_netstream: merge declaration and initialization.
2014-01-20 reimarUse av_unused for unused arguments instead of various...
2014-01-20 reimarstream_pvr: Fix fd check, -1 indicates invalid, not 0.
2014-01-20 reimarstream_cue: Fix memleaks in error cases.
2014-01-20 reimarstream_pvr: reduce code duplication and fix a memleak...
2014-01-19 reimartcp: fix socket/descriptor leak on error.
2014-01-19 reimarcddb: fix multiple leaks, both for error and normal...
2014-01-19 reimardvdnav: fix memory leaks in error paths.
2014-01-19 reimarmf: Fix initial hang/delay with mf://
2014-01-19 reimarcookies.c: cols must (and does) have 7 elements.
2014-01-19 reimarvcd_read: Fix sizeof argument.
2013-12-02 ibAdd stream control command STREAM_CTRL_GET_CURRENT_TITL...
2013-12-02 ibSilence a format warning with cdparanoia.
2013-12-02 ibAdd new stream control command STREAM_CTRL_GET_CURRENT_...
2013-12-02 ibRevise and fix stream control for VCD.
2013-11-29 ibAdd new stream control command STREAM_CTRL_GET_CURRENT_...
2013-11-24 ibRemove unused definitions.
2013-09-03 reimarQuick hack to allow using ffmpeg's image2 demuxer.
2013-08-25 reimarSupport -alang and -slang for bluray://
2013-08-04 reimarAdd support for rtsp:// falling back to support via...