Unify dep/depend targets.
[mplayer.git] / drivers /
2006-11-20 diegoUnify dep/depend targets.
2006-07-05 attilaadd a file saying that people should not try to compile
2006-06-02 diegoRemove now obsolete .cvsignore files.
2006-04-13 diegoSimplify mkdir calls.
2006-01-27 diegoMake clean/distclean behave uniformly in all directories.
2005-07-03 alex1l
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typo
2004-06-26 alexmga_vid under linux 2.6.x support written by F. O....
2003-10-04 gabucinomany small typo and grammar fixes
2003-08-31 attila* Add multi device support.
2003-07-09 diegooutput typo fixes: unknow --> unknown
2003-06-26 albeuAllow negative x,y for the overlay.
2003-03-27 albeuThe overlay can't downscale
2003-03-21 alexselectable 'major', patch by Hans-Andreas Engel <engel...
2003-03-21 alexmultiple mga device support by Hans-Andreas Engel ...
2003-03-14 arpiadd MODULE_LICENSE
2003-03-12 albeuShut up some debug messages
2003-03-12 albeuOverlay support (now vo_xtdfx is possible :) and yet...
2003-03-09 albeuUpdate, new page fault handler to access the agp mem...
2003-03-09 albeuI forgot to commit this file
2003-03-07 albeutdfx_vid a new kernel driver for tdfx wich let use...
2003-03-02 attilaworkaround wrong detected memory sizes on G400 cards.
2003-02-17 eyckFix mistake in applying patch from Alex Beregszaszi.
2003-02-13 eyckFix for string handling bug from Alex Beregszasz
2003-02-01 iivekeep reserved bits zeroed, test & bug report by andee...
2003-01-15 mosubunkus: Encapsulated arguments to #define in ( ......
2003-01-13 alexM6 bug workaround by Hanno Bock <hanno@gmx.de>
2002-09-04 arpiobsolete, no one seems to be interested to fix/update...
2002-08-29 markFixed some breakages of single-buffer rendering of...
2002-08-22 arpiremoved -W -Wall -g and other gcc-specific warning...
2002-07-25 arpi- fixed overflow by +-0x80
2002-07-25 alexlittle fix
2002-07-13 diegoFFmpeg libavcodec directory is unknown to CVS, as is...
2002-07-09 pontschoswitch off nearest scaling ...
2002-06-28 alexlinux-2.5.x support patch by Sytse Wielinga <s.b.wielin...
2002-06-20 pontschofix fourcc's problem
2002-05-31 jafWhen compiling mga_vid_test.c, memcpy() is subject...
2002-05-13 arpidevfs fallback support?
2002-04-28 arpipatch that should fix the "isofs uses mga_vid" bug
2002-04-21 arpidevfs fix?
2002-04-18 arpidvfs fix, 10l
2002-04-16 eyckMark Schreiber sent link to Marcus Sundburg patch to...
2002-04-15 eyckIt is not the right place for this.
2002-04-15 eyckmga_vid driver in form of a patch against linux-2.4.18
2002-04-14 eyckMost of informational printk's ifdef'd.
2002-03-25 arpino native support for I420 in G200
2002-03-10 arpimin() moved out of #if, applied brightness/contrast...
2002-02-16 eyckAdd module parameters: contrast and brightness, so...
2002-02-09 arpig550 memdetect fix - patch by Diego Biurrun <diego...
2002-02-07 rfelkeradded mga_top_reserved module parameter to skip a confi...
2002-02-04 eyckprint also contrast on cat /dev/mga_vid
2002-02-03 eyckAttila Kinali fixing memleak introduced by me.
2002-02-02 eyckAttila's Linux 2.2 patch, and contrast control applied
2002-02-02 eycksupport cat /dev/mga_vid.
2002-02-02 eyckframework for settings modifications like in radeon_vid...
2002-01-02 arpilastminute divbyzero fix by Attila Kinali ;)
2002-01-02 nicknote for all users
2002-01-02 nicksolution for non-x86 users
2002-01-02 nicknotes for non-x86 users
2002-01-02 nickAdded support of Radeon2 8500 AIW
2001-12-31 nickAdded support of BRIGHTNESS, SATURATION, CONTRAST,...
2001-12-30 nickRadeon specific gamma correction initialization. (from...
2001-12-26 arpiinstall: target added, based on patch by Jukka Tastula...
2001-12-19 nick+ Added support of FIFO engine (suggested by Vladimir...
2001-12-19 nickJust a hint
2001-12-19 nickTypofix (thanks to Felix)
2001-12-17 nickPartial sync with linux stuff (Linux driver is still...
2001-12-17 nickSome info from Vladimir Dergachev
2001-12-14 nickTuned some values:
2001-12-12 nickPreparing to next acceleration level
2001-12-12 nickTuned some registers
2001-12-08 nick- added capture registers
2001-12-08 nickFixed scaling in doublescan & interlaced modes
2001-12-07 nickFixed scaling in doublescan modes
2001-12-07 nickMinor fixes
2001-12-07 nickMinor flag changes
2001-12-07 nickrage128_vid are fully works!!!
2001-12-06 nickCode cleanup
2001-12-06 nickMinor fixes
2001-12-05 nickRage128 problems. Attempt #3
2001-12-04 nickRage128 problems???
2001-12-03 nickColor key still causes some troubles
2001-12-02 nick-vo mga notes
2001-12-02 nickFixed compilation on non i686 archs
2001-12-02 nickFixed single buffering problems and -vo mga compatibili...
2001-12-02 nickSupport for MTRR and 'swap_fourcc' flag
2001-12-02 nickFixed 'cat' problems
2001-12-01 nickMinor improvements
2001-12-01 nickMore information
2001-12-01 nickMore useful example
2001-12-01 nickMore configurable stuff
2001-12-01 nickTune up driver through reading and writing /dev/radeon_...
2001-12-01 nickImproving auto-install
2001-12-01 nickAuto-install stuff
2001-11-29 nickProbably ugly attempt to fix Rage128 problems
2001-11-29 nickSorry for inexactitude
2001-11-28 nickJust for volunteers
2001-11-27 nickradeon_vid new features:
2001-11-25 szabiuse <linux/slab.h> instead of <linux/malloc.h> for...
2001-11-25 nickFixed bug of ram_size detection