Unify dep/depend targets.
[mplayer.git] / drivers / mga_vid.c
2003-10-04 gabucinomany small typo and grammar fixes
2003-08-31 attila* Add multi device support.
2003-03-21 alexselectable 'major', patch by Hans-Andreas Engel <engel...
2003-03-21 alexmultiple mga device support by Hans-Andreas Engel ...
2003-03-02 attilaworkaround wrong detected memory sizes on G400 cards.
2003-02-17 eyckFix mistake in applying patch from Alex Beregszaszi.
2003-02-13 eyckFix for string handling bug from Alex Beregszasz
2002-07-25 arpi- fixed overflow by +-0x80
2002-06-28 alexlinux-2.5.x support patch by Sytse Wielinga <s.b.wielin...
2002-05-13 arpidevfs fallback support?
2002-04-28 arpipatch that should fix the "isofs uses mga_vid" bug
2002-04-21 arpidevfs fix?
2002-04-18 arpidvfs fix, 10l
2002-04-16 eyckMark Schreiber sent link to Marcus Sundburg patch to...
2002-04-14 eyckMost of informational printk's ifdef'd.
2002-03-25 arpino native support for I420 in G200
2002-03-10 arpimin() moved out of #if, applied brightness/contrast...
2002-02-16 eyckAdd module parameters: contrast and brightness, so...
2002-02-09 arpig550 memdetect fix - patch by Diego Biurrun <diego...
2002-02-07 rfelkeradded mga_top_reserved module parameter to skip a confi...
2002-02-04 eyckprint also contrast on cat /dev/mga_vid
2002-02-03 eyckAttila Kinali fixing memleak introduced by me.
2002-02-02 eyckAttila's Linux 2.2 patch, and contrast control applied
2002-02-02 eycksupport cat /dev/mga_vid.
2002-02-02 eyckframework for settings modifications like in radeon_vid...
2002-01-02 arpilastminute divbyzero fix by Attila Kinali ;)
2001-11-25 szabiuse <linux/slab.h> instead of <linux/malloc.h> for...
2001-10-21 arpiah, crtc2 disabled by default
2001-10-21 arpiCRTC2 YUV support (buggy?) by Jiri.Svoboda@seznam.cz
2001-10-18 arpigpl fix?
2001-10-04 arpisave and restore colorkey, to work together with Xv
2001-10-04 arpiworking together with Xv (disabling colorkey at close)
2001-09-27 arpiG550 support
2001-05-23 arpi_espgcc warnings fixed - patch by Aelius aelius@wish.net
2001-04-29 arpi_espG200 ramsize detection disabled, using 8M by default
2001-04-16 arpi_espI420/IYUV support
2001-04-16 arpi_espUYVY support
2001-03-14 arpi_espG400 32MB SDRAM fixed
2001-03-13 arpi_espG200/8MB SD ramsize detection fixed
2001-03-13 arpi_espmga_ram_size=x works with hard-coded ramsize too (szabi)
2001-03-12 arpi_espmga_force_memsize->mga_ram_size
2001-03-12 lgbprintk() message for video off when releasing mga witho...
2001-03-12 lgbModule usage count not to allow remove module when...
2001-03-11 lgbForce matrox memsize module option fixes
2001-03-11 szabiimga_force_memsize parameter added
2001-03-11 arpi_espprintk's updated
2001-03-10 arpi_espramsize detection updated, test again\!
2001-03-10 arpi_espIRQ handler disabled, vcount-based vsync
2001-03-09 arpi_espnew RAMSIZE detection code... test it\!
2001-03-09 arpi_espsome printk debug level changed
2001-03-09 szabiiprintk() loglevel fix
2001-03-08 arpi_espconfig interface changed
2001-03-07 arpi_espvsync (4 buffers) implemented
2001-03-05 arpi_espall v4l stuff removed
2001-02-24 arpi_espInitial revision