Add detection of nsa streamed by aol ultravox server
[mplayer.git] / libaf / af_format.c
2004-05-01 rfelkermore stupid crap
2003-01-18 arpiexport fmt2str()
2002-12-28 andersChanges includes:
2002-11-14 anders10l
2002-11-13 andersFixing segfault bug and addnig support for lrintf(...
2002-11-12 andersNew features:
2002-10-31 andersAdding commandline options for filters and fixing stupi...
2002-10-12 jkeilFix for audio filters on big endian cpus. It's working...
2002-10-11 andersCorrecting counters and flags
2002-10-06 andersAdding Support for non-reentrant audio filters
2002-10-01 andersAdding support for multiple audio streams and removing...
2002-10-01 andersAdding new audio output filter layer libaf