Cosmetic: Adjust indent.
[mplayer.git] / gui / dialog / menu.c
2018-04-26 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2018-04-26 ibRevise DVD audio track selection.
2018-04-13 ibReplace three dots by an ellipsis.
2018-04-12 ibRestrict the possibility to load a subtitle.
2018-04-12 ibFix broken subtitle track display after evDropSubtitle.
2018-04-12 ibRestrict the possibility to load a separate audio track.
2018-04-11 ibRemove unused variables.
2018-04-11 ibRename parameters.
2018-04-11 ibRemove the menu item text extensions.
2018-04-11 ibAdd missing (so far blank) menu icons.
2018-04-11 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2018-04-11 ibGet rid of blank_1px.
2018-04-11 ibReplace X PixMap icons by new icons in Portable Network...
2018-04-05 ibMake AddMenuItem(), AddSubMenu() and AddSeparator(...
2018-04-05 ibRename X PixMap files.
2018-04-04 ibReplace language dependent description of DVD audio...
2018-04-04 ibEnable an adjustable spacing between pixmap and label.
2018-04-04 ibComplete the list of DVD audio channel numbers.
2018-04-04 ibUse a language independent notation for DVD audio chann...
2018-04-04 ibEnable playback menu items only during playback.
2018-04-04 ibImplement the (missing) GUI messages evForward* and...
2018-04-04 ibRemove commented code.
2018-04-04 ibAdd missing GUI messages evIncVolume and evDecVolume...
2018-04-04 ibAdd missing GUI message evIconify to the menu.
2018-04-04 ibPass window type to the (pop-up) menu.
2018-04-03 ibMove menu item "Drop subtitle".
2018-04-03 ibIntegrate the DVD audio track menu into the ordinary...
2018-04-03 ibCustomize DVD subtitle information to match ordinary...
2018-04-03 ibMake DVD subtitle menu item "(none)" a check menu item.
2018-04-03 ibIntegrate the DVD subtitle menu into the ordinary subti...
2018-04-03 ibMove menu item "Video tracks".
2018-04-03 ibRearrange menu items "Rotation" and "Aspect ratio".
2018-04-03 ibRearrange the aspect ratio menu items.
2018-04-03 ibMove menu item "Playlist".
2018-04-03 ibIncrease buffer lengths.
2018-04-03 ibShow original aspect ratio information.
2016-02-21 ibOptimize GUI language table.
2016-02-13 reimargui/menu: add missing "const" to table.
2015-09-04 ibAdd support for CD/(S)VCD/DVD image and DVD copy playba...
2014-11-02 ibFix GUI compilation errors after removal of the interna...
2014-08-17 ibEnsure up-to-dateness of global_sub information upon...
2014-04-24 ibNew GUI feature: Rotate a video.
2014-04-22 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2014-04-03 ibCosmetic: Remove tabs.
2014-02-17 ibCheck demuxer to avoid NULL pointer usage.
2014-02-17 ibFix careless pointer parameter handling.
2014-02-16 reimarAvoid many pointer cast warnings.
2014-02-07 ibImprove language information on audio and subtitle...
2014-02-07 ibAdd name to file subtitle track information.
2014-02-07 ibAdd language to VOBsub subtitle track information.
2014-02-07 ibAdd language to embedded subtitle track information.
2014-02-07 ibAdd language to audio track information.
2014-02-07 ibIncrease buffer.
2014-02-07 ibUse native names of languages instead of English ones.
2014-02-07 ibMake unknown audio language translatable.
2014-02-07 ibSimplify code.
2014-02-07 ibSimplify code.
2014-02-05 ibRename symbolic constants of GUI help message texts.
2014-02-02 ibImprove emphasizing of the current video track.
2014-01-31 ibRevise GUI help message texts.
2014-01-27 ibAdd new video pixmap.
2014-01-27 ibAdd new audio pixmap.
2014-01-27 ibReplace sublang pixmap by subtitle pixmap.
2014-01-27 ibMove up entry "external audio" in the context menu.
2014-01-24 ibAdd a (missing) icon to menu entry "audio track".
2014-01-24 ibGroup video and audio related entries in context menu...
2014-01-24 ibMove up equalizer entry in the context menu.
2014-01-24 ibRelocate the video size entries in the context menu.
2014-01-24 ibRearrange video size entries in context menu in descend...
2014-01-22 ibRevise context menu.
2013-12-17 ibAdd mpctx_get_global_sub_pos().
2013-11-29 ibAdd support for TV/DVB to the GUI.
2013-08-07 ibDon't subsequently calculate original_aspect from last...
2013-08-02 ibFix segmentation fault with aspect ratio menu entry.
2013-08-01 ibAdjust detection of original aspect ratio after r36391.
2013-07-30 ibEnable localization of ratio text.
2013-07-30 ibRevise ratio text.
2013-07-30 ibBe more pedantic about type of the constant.
2013-07-27 ibAdd check marks to the video aspect ratio menu items.
2013-07-13 ibDisable aspect ratio menu in the absence of video playback.
2013-03-31 ibMove variable declarations and definitions where they...
2013-03-31 ibMake variable DVDSubMenu static.
2013-03-29 ibCosmetic: Rename the functions creating the dialogs.
2013-01-25 ibCosmetic: Rename uiMainEvent() uiEvent().
2013-01-25 ibRelocate uiMainEvent() prototype.
2013-01-24 ibCosmetic: Rename uiEventHandling() uiMainEvent().
2013-01-18 ibDon't set "normal size" check mark in menu by default.
2012-12-19 ibCosmetic: Switch addends.
2012-12-19 ibFix bug with wrong video window size after end of fulls...
2012-12-06 ibRebuild GUI directory structure.
2012-12-06 ibRebuild GUI directory structure.
2012-12-06 ibRebuild GUI directory structure.