Replace icons "dir2" and "open2" by "dir" and "open".
[mplayer.git] / gui / dialog / playlist.c
2018-04-05 ibReplace icons "dir2" and "open2" by "dir" and "open".
2017-10-07 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent and spacing.
2017-10-07 ibFully support cue sheet playlist entries in playlist...
2017-10-07 ibPrepare cue sheet playlist support in playlist dialog.
2017-10-07 ibRevise playlist dialog code.
2017-10-06 ibIncrease size of playlist dialog.
2017-10-06 ibPrettify the playlist dialog.
2014-04-26 ibDetermine size from variable declaration.
2014-04-03 ibCosmetic: Remove tabs.
2014-03-21 ibCosmetic: Rename guiInfo member NewPlay MediumChanged.
2014-03-21 ibCosmetic: Rename symbolic constants GUI_FILE_SAME and...
2014-02-25 ibRemove unnecessary casts.
2014-02-17 ibPrefer NULL.
2014-02-17 ibFix careless pointer parameter handling.
2014-02-17 ibRevise code of listMgr() command PLAYLIST_ITEM_GET_POS.
2014-02-16 reimarAvoid many pointer cast warnings.
2014-02-05 ibRename symbolic constants of GUI help message texts.
2013-04-30 ibCosmetic: Prefer hyphen to underline in signal names.
2013-04-04 ibRemove commented code.
2013-04-04 ibDefine "MPlayer" string.
2013-04-04 ibRemove all gtk_object_set_data() calls.
2013-03-31 ibRemove unnecessary #includes.
2013-03-31 ibCosmetic: Prefix all functions in dialog/tool.c with...
2013-03-31 ibCosmetic: Rename gtkActive() gtkRaise().
2013-03-31 ibRemove pointless replacement lists.
2013-03-30 ibSilence "warning: unused parameter".
2013-03-30 ibDon't use WidgetDestroy().
2013-03-29 ibRemove HidePlaylist().
2013-03-29 ibCosmetic: Rename the functions creating the dialogs.
2013-03-28 ibRemove unnecessary declaration.
2013-03-28 ibMake create_PlayList() static.
2013-03-28 ibCosmetic: Rename ShowPlayList() ShowPlaylist().
2013-03-28 ibCosmetic: Rename HidePlayList() HidePlaylist().
2013-03-28 ibMake HidePlayList() static.
2013-03-25 ibPreselect current playlist directory from last playlist...
2013-03-21 ibCosmetic: Rename variables holding data in UTF-8 encoding.
2013-03-19 ibSupport mixed filename encodings.
2013-03-15 ibUtilize new cfg_old_filename_from_utf8() in playlist...
2012-12-12 ibRemove pointless condition.
2012-12-12 ibFix setting PlaylistNext after a playlist change.
2012-12-11 ibAdapt assignments.
2012-12-11 ibWhile playing, allow extensive editing of the playlist...
2012-12-10 ibCalculate number of playlist tracks in any case.
2012-12-10 ibChange parameter from NULL to 0.
2012-12-06 ibRebuild GUI directory structure.
2012-12-06 ibRebuild GUI directory structure.