updated vidix files headers whenever it's possible to have a clear GPL statement
[mplayer.git] / vidix / vidixlib.c
2007-04-22 benupdated vidix files headers whenever it's possible...
2007-04-06 diegoconsistent include paths for config.h et al.
2007-04-06 benmissing headers in vidix drivers registry files
2007-04-01 aurelremove useless ()
2007-04-01 bensimplified function prototypes to avoid casts but keep...
2007-04-01 benswitch to new internal vidix API, no more dlopen/dlsym...
2006-12-07 reimarHack around libavutil/bswap.h compilation problems...
2006-11-29 diegoRemove bswap.h, use libavutil/bswap.h instead.
2006-11-29 diegoFix macro redefinition warning.
2004-08-28 rathannfix missing includes
2004-06-25 diegostring handling security fixes
2003-10-02 faust3Windows port
2002-05-20 arpiopenbsd a.out needs underscore for dlsym - patch by...
2002-04-27 arpiOpenBSD, NetBSD portability patches by
2002-02-06 nicktypo
2002-02-05 nickmplayer has swapped RGB's fourcc :(
2002-02-03 alexusing dlerror() instead strerror(), displays unresolved...
2002-01-16 nick+ new features and possibility
2002-01-09 nickMinor interface changes: color and video keys are moved...
2002-01-06 nicklazy loader works better ;)
2002-01-06 nickminor interface changing and verbosing
2002-01-05 nickminor interface changing
2002-01-05 nickpreliminary version