Colourspace conversions do _not_ belong into a decoder!
[mplayer.git] / libmpcodecs / vd_ijpg.c
2008-01-12 reimarColourspace conversions do _not_ belong into a decoder!
2008-01-12 reimarCosmetics: get rid of huge amounts of trailing whitespace
2008-01-12 reimarRemove an unused global variable
2008-01-12 reimarAvoid uselessly global variables
2007-05-27 reimarRemoved useless fastmemcpy.h includes in video decoders
2007-05-16 reimarInclude string.h for memcpy, fastmemcpy.h alone is...
2006-12-07 reimarHack around libavutil/bswap.h compilation problems...
2006-11-29 diegoRemove bswap.h, use libavutil/bswap.h instead.
2006-06-18 lucabeSoftware Scaler headers usage cleanup
2006-06-06 pacmanSpelling fix
2006-04-20 pacmanFix BGR32 big-endian output
2002-09-22 arpitons of warning fixes, also some 10l bugfixes, includin...
2002-08-30 arpi-afm/-vfm migration from ID (int) to NAME (string)...
2002-05-15 arpirgb24, bgr 24/32 support even for grayscale
2002-03-27 atmos4eeh 10l removed too much lines :(
2002-03-27 atmos4Issue a warning in VDec if disp_w and disp_h weren...
2002-03-16 arpihandle error from mpcodecs_config_vo()
2002-03-11 pontscholibjpeg and loader conflict workaround
2002-03-11 pontschokill few warning
2002-03-10 arpiremoved unneeded includes
2002-03-10 pontschoAdd IJPG decoder.