musepack demuxing and decoding support (demuxing is v7 bitstream only).
[mplayer.git] / etc / codecs.conf
2005-07-10 reimarmusepack demuxing and decoding support (demuxing is...
2005-07-09 rtognimpSync fourcc for all mpeg12 codecs
2005-07-03 alexnon working, hence status 'buggy'
2005-06-30 aureladd hdv2 fourcc to MPEG2 codecs (used by new Sony HD...
2005-06-26 rtognimpFFmpeg theora decoder support
2005-06-05 rtognimpFFmpeg mjpeg decoder can decode dmb1
2005-05-26 reimarsupport DVR format
2005-05-20 diegospelling cosmetics
2005-05-18 henry8bit palette mode support for png
2005-05-14 rtognimpFRAPS decoder (FPS1) with binary dll
2005-05-04 rtognimpSupport for new vssh dll, patch by adland
2005-04-25 nicodvbadded format 0x706D for faac, compatible with ffmpeg
2005-04-20 rtognimpIndeo2 (fourcc "RT21") decoder via lavc
2005-04-10 rtognimpSupport WMware video (fourcc VMnc) via binary dll
2005-04-08 rtognimpRemove flip form LOCO
2005-04-07 rtognimpLOCO support via lavc
2005-04-06 rtognimpAutodesk RLE decoder via lavc
2005-03-30 rtognimpSupport wnv1 natively via lavc
2005-03-06 rtognimpalac support via lavc decoder
2005-02-27 rfelkerFix the ogg fourcc nightmare!!!
2005-02-27 diegoMove native RealAudio 1.0 / 2.0 up in the list to prefe...
2005-02-27 rfelkerreversed, as this breaks vorbis decoding! 1000l! someon...
2005-02-27 rtognimpYet another fourcc for mpeg-4 (files should be made...
2005-02-26 ivoAdd support for 32-bit float WAV files and support...
2005-02-25 alexswf adpcm
2005-02-23 henryrevert the flip part of vd_theora fix
2005-02-22 michaelswitch from DIVX -> FMP4 fourcc for libavcodec
2005-02-22 henryTheora fixes:
2005-02-21 alexproper output formats for ffduck
2005-02-15 rtognimpSupport for RealPlayer10 decoder in Linux
2005-02-15 rtognimpMp3On4 demuxer support
2005-02-12 diegoComment and info field spelling/grammar corrections.
2005-01-31 rtognimpBGR32 is now supported also by lavc tscc decoder
2005-01-31 diegosupport for 32 bit Camtasia samples
2005-01-30 diegoExpose support for 444P and 422P raw video.
2005-01-22 diegoAdd support for the Linux RealPlayer 10 RV30/40 codec.
2005-01-15 rtognimpDecode MP3 in rm files
2005-01-02 rtognimpDecode WV1F version of MPEG4 with libavcodec
2004-12-29 rtognimpSupport amr_nb and amr_wb via libavcodec
2004-12-29 rtognimpTwinVQ decoder and demuxer
2004-12-17 reimarAdded rawy800 codec as according to the manpage it...
2004-12-07 rtognimpSupport for "NONE" audio in MOV files generated by...
2004-11-28 lorenmnew lavc codec: ffvhuff
2004-11-27 rtognimpfl32: BE float32 PCM audio in mov files
2004-11-22 henryrevert useless uyvy planar->packed converter
2004-11-20 henrylibmpeg2 4:2:2 decoding
2004-11-14 rtognimpVianet Lsvx video decoder
2004-11-14 rtognimpWindows media video 9 image v2 support
2004-11-13 rtognimpMSS2 can decode also MSS1
2004-11-11 reimaradded fourcc of PNG-encoded Quicktime files
2004-11-03 nplourderemove mac shlb support to use new helix codec for...
2004-10-31 rtognimpQuickDraw video decoding support via lavc
2004-10-29 rtognimpffmpeg mjpeg-b is working
2004-10-27 rtognimpMiro VideoXL support via lavc
2004-10-24 rtognimpSupport WMV Screen Codec 2 (MSS2) with binary codec
2004-10-24 rtognimpDecode VDOWave (VDOM) with binary codec
2004-10-24 rtognimpWindows media video advanced profile (wmva) support...
2004-10-23 rtognimpRemove obsoleted comment about wma9sp running only...
2004-10-12 rtognimpCreative ADPCM native decoder from lavc
2004-10-09 rtognimpWindows Media Image (WMVP) can be decoded with WMV9...
2004-09-22 rtognimpAdd comment to remind that requires also...
2004-09-16 rtognimpIBM Ultimotion native decoding via libavcodec
2004-09-15 rtognimpSupport "Creative ADPCM codec" and "Micronas speech...
2004-08-29 rtognimpAVC (fourcc avc1) in mp4 support
2004-08-22 rtognimpH.261 support via lavc codec and lavf demuxer
2004-08-21 alexffsonic
2004-08-14 rtognimpTSCC (TechSmith Camtasia Screen Codec) native support...
2004-08-12 rtognimpDTS support via lavc and libdts
2004-07-30 lumagRemove leftover references to libmpflac/ad_flac
2004-07-27 arpiff-snow added
2004-07-15 rtognimpCinepak, CYUV and RoqA/V are now in ffmpeg
2004-07-12 rtognimpStatus updates and comments about other dll required...
2004-06-30 rtognimpSupport for Winnov Videum WINX and WNV1 codecs with...
2004-06-27 rtognimpPaletted cvid support
2004-06-24 alexsupport for realvideo codecs under macosx, original...
2004-06-20 rtognimpPrefer libavcodec for cvid files
2004-06-11 iivempeg2 chroma422/444 support
2004-06-06 rtognimpSupport for audio format 0x0
2004-06-02 rtognimpIndeo audio support via acm binary codec
2004-05-14 rtognimpSupport audio format 0xff (it's aac)
2004-05-12 michaelFFSVQ1 in avi
2004-05-08 rtognimpUse roqvideo and roqaudio decoders from libavcodec
2004-05-07 rtognimpSupport ffmpeg cinepak decoder
2004-05-02 rtognimpEnable cyuv decoder from libavcodec, use it as preferre...
2004-04-29 rtognimpRemove MSZH/ZLIB, FLI and QTRLE, they are now in ffmpeg
2004-04-27 alexwma9 speech codec dmo and dshow entries
2004-04-12 rtognimpSupport AAC in NSV
2004-04-11 michaelFLV with lavc+lavf support
2004-04-11 michael4xm with lavf+lavc
2004-03-25 rtognimpSupport for Alparysoft lossless video codec (DShow...
2004-03-23 rtognimpAdd support for Lead MCMW 2.0 wavelet codec eval version
2004-03-21 rtognimpAdd LEAD fourcc, patch by adland < adland123 (at) yahoo...
2004-03-18 rtognimpSupport for vp5 and vp6 dll decoders
2004-02-18 alexffmpeg flac decoder
2004-02-17 attilaadd support for avid meridien uncompressed files
2004-02-15 rtognimpMore Camtasia colorspaces
2004-02-15 rtognimpFix playback of some Camtasia files.
2004-02-12 rtognimpUse qtrle decoder from ffmpeg
2004-01-25 alexsupport for AVID DV fourcc, patch by xliska at informat...
2004-01-25 rtognimpUse fli decoder from libavcodec