Make all vf_info_t structs const
[mplayer.git] / libmpcodecs / vf_mcdeint.c
2007-12-02 reimarMake all vf_info_t structs const
2007-11-09 diegoAdd missing header files, fixes the warnings:
2007-05-27 reimarRemove useless fastmemcpy.h include for filters that...
2007-02-21 diegocosmetics: Fix some common typos, sepErate --> sepArate...
2006-06-26 reimarAvoid crash in uninit-without-config case
2006-06-19 michaelavcodec_close()
2006-06-09 michaelbetter spatial interpolation
2006-06-08 michaelfilter left & right edges too (yeah the code is lame...
2006-06-08 michaelimproved mc+src merge code
2006-06-06 michaelknown issues and notes
2006-06-06 michaelMotion compensating deinterlacer