Make all vf_info_t structs const
[mplayer.git] / libmpcodecs / vf_screenshot.c
2007-12-02 reimarMake all vf_info_t structs const
2007-10-09 reimarMake vf_screenshot use the libavcodec PNG encoder
2007-05-27 reimarRemove useless fastmemcpy.h include for filters that...
2006-11-15 gpoirierFix segfault with videos with unusual resolution, patch...
2006-09-15 eugeniAdd repeated screenshot mode to vf_screenshot.
2006-07-02 reynaldorm unnecesary casts from void* - part 3
2006-06-30 lucabeMove postproc ---> libswscale
2006-06-21 diegoMove #ifdefs around complete files into the build system.
2006-06-18 lucabeSoftware Scaler headers usage cleanup
2006-05-13 rathannMake return type consistent with usage. Patch by Pierre...
2006-03-21 michaelpassing pts through the filter layer (lets see if pts...
2005-11-18 diegoUnify include path handling, -I.. is in CFLAGS.
2005-10-30 reimar10l, uninit() was not used, fixes bug #401
2005-09-12 reimarFix multiple issues: No picture at all, broken pictures...
2005-09-11 henrydo nothing if no free filenames are available
2005-09-11 henryuse slices if DR isn't available
2005-09-11 henryforgotten MP_IMGFLAG_READABLE
2005-09-11 henryDR and slice support
2005-09-11 henryscreenshot filter