codecs.conf add ffsheer video and ffylc, fix g264
[mplayer.git] / etc / codecs.conf
2016-08-17 compncodecs.conf add ffsheer video and ffylc, fix g264
2016-08-08 ibRemove incorrect comma.
2016-08-07 rtogniAdd FFmpeg IFF decoders
2016-07-07 compncodecs.conf add 3rvc binary codec and JR24 ffmjpeg...
2016-05-24 compncodecs.conf: add viewquest VQC1/VQC2 binary codec,...
2016-05-11 rtogniMatrox uncompressed: support also M102 4cc (HD)
2016-05-09 rtogniSupport more pixel formats for RSCC and Screnpresso...
2016-05-06 rtogniAdd FFmpeg Matrox Uncompressed SD decoder (M101)
2016-05-02 rtogniAdd FFmpeg Truemotion RT (fourcc TR20) decoder (untested)
2016-05-02 rtogniSupport audio codecs g721 and g723 using ffmpeg g726...
2016-05-02 rtogniAdd more Matrox mpeg2 variants: M702,M703,M704,M705
2016-03-13 cehoyosetc/codecs.conf: Support hevc GBR colour spaces.
2016-02-25 reimarcodecs.conf: Prefer FFmpeg raw decoder for paletted.
2016-02-25 reimarFix flip behaviour for RAW formats.
2016-02-25 reimarcodecs.conf: add ffmpeg rawdec for paletted formats.
2016-02-21 rtogniAdd more pixel formats to ffvp9
2016-02-20 cigaescodecs.conf: add pixel formats for ffvp9.
2016-02-11 rtogniAdd support for FFmpeg Cineform HD decoder
2016-01-27 cehoyosetc/codecs.conf: The FFmpeg DV Audio decoder now works...
2016-01-27 cehoyosetc/codecs.conf: Support FFmpeg Ulead DV Audio.
2016-01-23 rtogniRemove internal audio decoders ad_dk3adpcm, ad_imaadpcm...
2016-01-16 compncodecs.conf: add YUYV to ffrawyuy2
2016-01-15 rtogniAdd support for video fourcc:
2015-12-30 rtogniFix vima audio files
2015-12-30 rtogniAdd support for audio codecs:
2015-12-21 rtogniSupport qtrle monocrome files
2015-11-24 rtogniAdd support for video codecs:
2015-10-03 cehoyosSupport little-endian THP ADPCM.
2015-10-03 cehoyosSupport more Go2Meeting fourccs.
2015-10-03 cehoyosSupport DXV decoder.
2015-10-03 cehoyosSupport Screenpresso and Hap decoders.
2015-08-23 rtogniRemove last traces of old ffmpeg vdpau api
2015-08-23 compncodecs.conf mark hevcvdpau as working, patch by phillip...
2015-07-30 cehoyosSupport playing MSC2 cctv files.
2015-07-30 cehoyosSupport AVID avi codec files with proper resolution.
2015-06-27 michaelvo_vdpau: Add support for VDPAU accelerated HEVC decoding
2015-05-13 cehoyosFix G.729 wav decoding with the binary decoder and...
2015-05-13 compncodecs.conf: add g729 binary decoder dmo, fixes ffmpeg...
2015-03-14 cehoyosSupport decoding TDSC video.
2015-02-10 cehoyosSupport Radvision H.264 with codec_tag rv64.
2015-02-05 compnadd ap4x to prores decoders
2014-12-30 cehoyosSupport 48-bit BGR as used in r10k.
2014-11-22 reimarcodecs.conf: ffnuv can produce YV12 as format, so add...
2014-10-25 cehoyosSupport Go2Meeting fourcc G2M5.
2014-10-19 compncodecs.conf: add UQY2 fourcc for utvideo
2014-10-18 reimarcodecs.conf: fix HEVC entry.
2014-10-03 compncodecs.conf: add flip4mac WMA2 fourcc, samples still...
2014-09-06 reimarAdd new FFmpeg AMVF tag for AMV video.
2014-08-06 compncodecs.conf : map lsvm h263 fourcc, V-codecs/LSV for...
2014-07-28 compncodecs.conf: 100ml, ULH1 is not a valid utvideo fourcc
2014-07-18 compncodecs.conf: add ULH0 and ULH1 to ffutvideo
2014-06-10 compncodecs.conf add ULH2 to utvideo, fixes trac 2191
2014-05-18 reimarSupport FFmpeg's native Opus decoder.
2014-04-24 cehoyosAdd decoding support for On2 AVC audio codec.
2014-04-17 cehoyosAdd another HEVC fourcc.
2014-04-02 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg's VoxWare Metasound decoder.
2014-03-25 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg's VP7 decoder.
2014-02-26 cehoyosSupport playing 4:4:4 DNxHD
2014-02-08 cehoyosAdd buggy FFmpeg FICV decoder.
2014-02-05 cehoyosAdd some new FFmpeg huffyuv colour spaces.
2014-01-10 cehoyosAllow playback of ac3 and eac3 wav files with waveforma...
2014-01-01 cehoyosSupport Atrac 3+ in wav files.
2013-12-12 compnmore binary codecs, patch by David Spreadborough
2013-12-09 compnadd imm5 / imm6 binary codec, patch by David Spreadborough
2013-11-19 compncodecs.conf: add DYM4 to mpeg4
2013-11-16 reimarTry enabling DR for FFmpeg VP8 decoder.
2013-11-16 reimarAdd support for VP9 decoding via FFmpeg.
2013-11-15 compncodecs.conf: add vp9, patch by james zern
2013-10-18 cehoyosSupport little endian G.726 as found in Sun au files.
2013-10-18 cehoyosSupport 4k AVC-Intra in mov.
2013-10-18 cehoyosAdd some comments for internal PCM FourCC's.
2013-10-17 cehoyosPreliminary support for FFmpeg HEVC decoder.
2013-10-14 cehoyosSupport H.264 fourcc UMSV.
2013-10-11 compnadd binary geovision avc codec
2013-10-11 cehoyosAdd H.264 fourcc GAVC for GeoVision cameras.
2013-10-04 compnadd screenpressor SCPR binary decoder
2013-09-16 compncodecs.conf: ffg7231 decodes vivo 7231 in asf and viv
2013-09-15 reimarRestore VDPAU codecs using non-hwaccel interface with...
2013-09-03 compncodecs.conf: add 0x64 to g726, works on g726-test1.wav
2013-08-11 reimarMake VDPAU support work again with latest FFmpeg.
2013-08-01 cehoyosFix info message for ffg726 decoder.
2013-06-19 compncodecs.conf add xd51 to mpeg2
2013-06-03 cehoyosSupport Go2Meeting v4 via Kostya's decoder in FFmpeg.
2013-05-24 reimarRemove incorrect comment, FFmpeg decoder supports 10...
2013-05-17 cehoyosDo not prefer the binary AIC decoder over FFmpeg's.
2013-05-17 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg Apple Intermediate Decoder.
2013-05-15 cehoyosSupport audio in GameCube rsd files.
2013-05-15 cehoyosSupport Nintendo Gamecube DTK files.
2013-05-02 reimarAlso add ordinary 422P support for libopenjpeg.
2013-05-02 reimarSupport decoding of ordinary YV12 j2k.
2013-05-01 reimarSynchronize settings for native and libopenjpeg j2k...
2013-05-01 cehoyosSupport playback of JPEG 2000 digital cinema files.
2013-03-05 cehoyosSupport all zmbv colourspaces with current FFmpeg.
2013-03-05 compnadd FICV binary codec.
2013-02-20 cehoyosFix FFmpeg cinepak decoding: It outputs RGB24 now.
2013-01-21 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg EVRC decoder by Paul B Mahol.
2013-01-18 cehoyosSupport fourcc ZMP4.
2013-01-06 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg 012v decoder.
2012-12-22 cehoyosAdd support for FFmpeg's libilbc decoder.
2012-12-18 cehoyosSupport decoding ABGR rawvideo streams.