Give more descriptive names to the source and library variables and split
[mplayer.git] / liba52 /
2007-03-13 diegoGive more descriptive names to the source and library...
2006-12-05 gpoirierupdate local diff after r20779
2006-11-27 diegolibac3 was removed ages ago, remove the related test...
2006-11-26 diegoMerge common parts of all Makefiles into one file inclu...
2006-11-25 diegoRemove superfluous comment.
2006-11-20 diegoUnify dep/depend targets.
2006-11-08 gpoiriersymplify aligned memory allocation on mingw32 by using...
2006-08-17 diegoMove all internal -I parameters to the front of CFLAGS...
2006-08-13 diegoUpdate for changes from r19378 (ASMALIGN macro).
2006-08-13 diegoReplace asmalign.h hack by ASMALIGN cpp macros from...
2006-07-29 diegocosmetics: Make patch apply cleanly.
2006-06-22 diegoCVS --> Subversion in copyright notices
2006-06-15 rathannsync with liba52 0.7.4, patch by Emanuele Giaquinta...
2006-06-15 rathannsync with liba52 0.7.4, patch by Emanuele Giaquinta...
2006-06-15 rathannsync with liba52 0.7.4, patch by Emanuele Giaquinta...
2006-06-02 diegoRemove now obsolete .cvsignore files.
2006-04-15 nplourdeadd support for intel mac. mp3lib is not fixed yet.
2006-03-25 diegocosmetics: Shorten overly long lines, put SRCS/OBJS...
2006-02-09 rathannPatch by Stefan Huehner / stefan % huehner ! org \
2006-01-27 diegoMake clean/distclean behave uniformly in all directories.
2005-12-05 rathannadd missing -I..
2005-08-09 aurelsync liba52_amd64_changes.diff with latest fix
2005-08-09 gpoirierFixes segfault on IA-32 machines caused by the ASM...
2005-08-05 aureladd the liba52 amd64 changes in a separate diff file
2005-08-05 aurelliba52 asm optimizations ported to amd64
2005-06-02 michaelone bugfix and a few gcc4 bug workaorunds by (Gianluigi...
2005-03-22 diegoMark modified files as such to comply more closely...
2005-03-22 diegoMPlayer-specific changes to liba52
2004-08-07 reimarcompilation fix for test program
2004-06-24 alexranlib cleanup by Dan Christiansen
2004-04-26 michaelattribute_used patch by (VMiklos <mamajom at axelero...
2004-04-06 alex100l and sync with upstream, patch by rgselk
2004-04-01 faust3prevent crash in case we are unable to get aligned...
2004-04-01 faust3although this SSE fix is an ugly hack it seems to work...
2004-01-25 alexAltivec optimized stereo resampler by Romain Dolbeau...
2003-08-11 alexSimplified/fixed altivec/altivec.h detection on Linux...
2003-07-27 alexChanged swab32 from macro to inline function, this...
2003-06-20 alexarm support by (also seen...
2003-05-07 michaelfixed alignment bug
2003-05-05 diegothis is a important patch for hpux 11.00, because it...
2003-01-27 arpiThe two attached patches *should* allow for proper
2003-01-18 arpiAn AltiVec-enhanced IMDCT for liba52 (liba52/imdct.c)
2002-12-14 arpicompiler warning fixes
2002-11-23 michaelwarning patch by (Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik at...
2002-11-18 michaelminor optimization & gcc-CVS fix/workaround patch by...
2002-11-06 arpi*HUGE* set of compiler warning fixes, unused variables...
2002-09-03 jkeilThe ALT_BITSTREAM_READER code does not work on SPARC...
2002-08-29 arpiuse dir/libname.a instead of -Ldir -lname
2002-05-12 arpivarious openbsd and general warning fixes - patch by...
2002-04-29 michaeltrying to fix nicks bugs ...
2002-02-03 nickRestore K7 support
2002-01-19 nickK7 id
2002-01-19 atmos4mangle for win32 in liba52 (includes dummy mangle.h...
2002-01-18 nick3dnow optimization. Not all functions are tested!!!
2002-01-08 michaelmore bitstream_skip()
2002-01-08 michaelbitstream_skip() instead of bitstream_get() if possible
2002-01-03 arpimono ac3 support
2001-12-30 michaelruntime cpudetect the liba52 way part 2 (downmix.c)
2001-12-30 arpic, mmx versions separated. a52 style runtime stuff
2001-12-30 michaelruntime cpudetect in liba52 way
2001-12-30 arpipass accel flags to a52_resample_init
2001-12-30 arpiSSE added
2001-12-30 michaelruntime cpudetect
2001-12-30 arpiCRC code ported from libac3
2001-12-30 michaelported 3dnow(ex) optimizations from libac3
2001-12-25 michaelmix22toS & move2to1 in SSE
2001-12-25 michaelmix31to2 & mix31toS in SSE
2001-12-25 michaelmix21to2 & mix21toS in SSE
2001-12-25 michaelmemset(?, 0, 256*sizeof(float)) in MMX
2001-12-24 melansonFixed #ifdef discrepancy that was breaking compilation...
2001-12-23 michaelmix3to1 in SSE
2001-12-23 michaelmix3to2 in SSE
2001-12-23 michaelmix5to1 & mix4to1 in SSE
2001-12-23 michaelmix2to1 in SSE
2001-12-22 michaelsse optimize of 3F
2001-12-22 michael3F2R sse optimized
2001-12-19 michaelruntime cpu detection for the resample stuff
2001-12-19 michaelsse opt of mix32toS()
2001-12-19 michaelsse opt of mix32to2()
2001-12-19 michaeladding some comments
2001-12-18 michaelremoving unnecessary sse sin/cos LUT
2001-12-18 michaelsse opt
2001-12-18 michaelruntime cpu detection for the idct
2001-12-18 michaelmmx opt
2001-12-18 michaelmmx opt
2001-12-18 michaelmmx opt
2001-12-18 michaelmmx opt
2001-12-18 michaelmmx opt
2001-12-17 michaelfaster (and simpler) bitstream reader (in C)
2001-12-17 michaelMMX opt
2001-12-17 michaelmmx opt
2001-12-17 arpiuse resample.c functions
2001-12-17 michaelsse opt
2001-12-17 michaelsse opt
2001-12-17 michaelcleanup
2001-12-17 michaelsse opt
2001-12-16 michaelC optimizations
2001-12-16 michaelsse opt
2001-12-16 michaelsse opt
2001-12-16 michaelsse opt