Give more descriptive names to the source and library variables and split
[mplayer.git] / libfaad2 / Makefile
2007-03-13 diegoGive more descriptive names to the source and library...
2006-11-26 diegoMerge common parts of all Makefiles into one file inclu...
2006-11-25 diegoRemove superfluous comment.
2006-11-20 diegoUnify dep/depend targets.
2006-10-17 diegoAdd configure switch to enable fixed-pointed mode of...
2006-04-18 rtognimpUpdate to faad2 cvs 20040915+MPlayer fixes
2006-01-27 diegoMake clean/distclean behave uniformly in all directories.
2005-07-06 reimarmake more patch-friendly
2005-05-30 henry- correct the argument in configure check for lrintf...
2004-10-08 diegoHint at FIXED_POINT for better (SBR) performance.
2004-09-24 diegoUpdate FAAD to a 2.1 beta CVS snapshot from 2004.07.12.
2004-06-24 alexranlib cleanup by Dan Christiansen
2004-06-02 diegoupdate to the 2.0 release of faad, patch by adland
2003-10-03 alexsynced with current cvs
2003-08-30 arpilibfaad2 v2.0rc1 imported