Give more descriptive names to the source and library variables and split
[mplayer.git] / libmpdemux / Makefile
2007-03-13 diegoGive more descriptive names to the source and library...
2007-02-12 diegoRevert libnut option names, the issue is fixed in FFmpeg.
2007-02-07 gpoirierFix libnut build failure.
2007-01-21 diegoDiscard -Wdeclaration-after-statement warning.
2006-12-28 aureldon't compile demux_mpc.c when libmpcdec is disabled
2006-12-02 diegoRemove suffix rules that are just copies of make builti...
2006-12-02 diegoUse standard name for C++ flags.
2006-12-01 diegoAdd libav include paths to CFLAGS without indirection.
2006-11-29 diegoRemove some superfluous include CFLAGS.
2006-11-28 diegocosmetics: Sort SRCS by alphabetical order.
2006-11-27 diegoSplit muxers into a separate library that only MEncoder...
2006-11-27 diegoMove common code to mpcommon.mak.
2006-11-27 diego10l: Muxers were not being compiled even when MEncoder...
2006-11-26 diegoFFmpeg-style conditional dependency declaration
2006-11-26 diegoMerge common parts of all Makefiles into one file inclu...
2006-11-26 diegoSimplify, remove useless indirection.
2006-11-25 diegoRemove superfluous comment.
2006-11-21 diegoRemove superfluous empty variable declaration.
2006-11-20 diegoUnify dep/depend targets.
2006-09-17 ods15Add demux_nut to MPlayer repo
2006-08-27 diegoRemove XMMS_CFLAGS from CFLAGS, the variable is never...
2006-08-22 diegodemux_avs compilation should depend on WIN32DLL support...
2006-08-17 diegoMove all internal -I parameters to the front of CFLAGS...
2006-08-03 diegoForgotten part of the LIVE555 configure test simplifica...
2006-08-03 benmf.[hc] belong to libmpdemux
2006-07-31 benremoved deprecated test.c file from libmpdemux
2006-07-31 benintroduce new 'stream' directory for all stream layer...
2006-07-27 diegoUnify include paths in the build system, part I.
2006-07-27 diegoIntroduce general V4L variable/define.
2006-07-27 diegoRename *v4l variable to *v4l1.
2006-07-22 benrename rtsp.c to stream_rtsp.c for consistency with...
2006-07-19 benmoved mpeg_packetizer helpers to libmpdemux
2006-07-12 diegoRemove non-existing CSS_INC.
2006-07-12 diegoOPTFLAGS already includes EXTRA_INC.
2006-07-10 benadded new pvr:// input for ivtv based cards
2006-07-06 reimarFix for case when both V4L and V4L2 are enabled
2006-07-06 diegoMove conditional compilation into the build system.
2006-07-06 diegocosmetics
2006-06-26 benadded new native rtsp demuxer code for mpeg-ts over...
2006-06-26 bennew imported library in libmpdemux: freesdp (will be...
2006-06-23 benmoved generic rtsp related files from realrtsp to librtsp
2006-06-23 bennew RTSP demuxer dedicated file, based on old code...
2006-05-08 diegoUnconditionally compile the Matroska demuxer.
2006-04-18 diegoMake the RTP demuxer work with libdvdread 0.9.5.
2006-03-25 diegocosmetics: Shorten overly long lines, put SRCS/OBJS...
2006-02-06 diegoBuild muxers only when MEncoder is enabled.
2006-01-27 diegoMake clean/distclean behave uniformly in all directories.
2006-01-09 nicodvbadded support for external libavformat
2005-12-14 nicodvbfix compilation when dvdkit and dvdread are not available
2005-09-23 rsf"LIVE.COM Streaming Media" is now called "LIVE555 Strea...
2005-08-01 alSupport new static libavcodec (depends on libavutil).
2005-07-10 reimarmusepack demuxing and decoding support (demuxing is...
2005-06-19 ranmaBe more patch-friendly
2005-06-19 ranmarawaudio muxer
2005-06-13 nicodvbadded AAC ADTS demuxer
2005-05-29 nicodvbported all network streams to the new API
2005-05-19 nicodvbported smb:// to the new stream api
2005-05-19 nicodvbported dvd:// to the new stream api
2005-02-27 joeyadded a stream module for the vstream client library
2005-02-21 nicodvbinitial, extremely experimental, libavformat muxer...
2005-02-13 faust3avisynth demuxer patch by Gianluigi Tiesi <mplayer...
2004-12-29 rtognimpTwinVQ decoder and demuxer
2004-12-15 iivedisable demuxer_bmp,
2004-11-20 henrysupport for debianized LIVE.COM library
2004-10-28 diegoHandle "xxx.h" vs "../xxx.h" include paths in a consist...
2004-08-04 mosuRemoved the old Matroska demuxer.
2004-07-11 rtognimpMake rtp:// cohexist with LIVE.COM
2004-06-24 alexranlib cleanup by Dan Christiansen
2004-04-12 rtognimpnsv (Nullsoft streaming video) demuxer
2004-04-11 michaeldemux_lavf
2004-03-09 ranmarawvideo muxer patch by John Earl <>
2004-01-23 arpimkv.cpp -> mkv_old.cpp, to avoid dependency name collis...
2004-01-19 mosuAdded the new C based Matroska demuxer by Aurelien...
2004-01-11 henryALSA 1.x audio out driver
2003-12-08 alexremoved the historic libcss support
2003-12-08 arpiLML-M4 mpeg4 capture card raw stream format support
2003-12-08 alexSend HTTP Cookies (reading from mozilla/netscape files...
2003-08-17 alex--dvbincdir support by Gotz Waschk <waschk@informatik...
2003-08-16 albeuurl_unescape_string is used by the command line parser...
2003-08-15 albeuftp support. The change on connect2Server is needed...
2003-08-07 henryv4l2 support
2003-06-09 arpiTiVo demuxer and sub-cc/osd decoder
2003-05-17 bertrandChanged the STREAMING defines to MPLAYER_NETWORK to...
2003-05-03 rsfMade sure to clean out the "realrtsp" subdirectory...
2003-04-30 rtognimpAdd support for Realaudio files
2003-04-30 mosuAdded Matroska demuxing support.
2003-04-18 rtognimp10l, noted by Sascha Sommer
2003-04-17 rtognimpReal rstp:// streaming support, ported from xine
2003-04-10 albeuAdd a null streamv Currently used for tv and mf. Could...
2003-04-09 albeuPort vcd to the new API
2003-04-06 albeuAdd netstream
2003-04-02 faust310l to Albeu
2003-03-30 albeuFix test compilation
2003-03-17 arpi1000l
2003-03-16 arpithis is a combo patch that:
2003-02-03 bertrandRestruct by Ross Finlayson <>
2003-01-28 arpilibgif/libungif based demuxer support for libmpdemux.
2003-01-22 arpiraw video demuxer, requested by Michael
2003-01-19 arpiextension-based filetype detection for headerless files...
2003-01-05 arpivcd_read_cue.h -> cue_read.c+h