Define variable allow_playlist_parsing globally.
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2018-04-13 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_GUI_MSG_SkinCfgSelec...
2018-04-13 ibMake messages translatable.
2018-04-13 ibAdd a new file selector filter of popular audio and...
2018-04-05 ibChange German translation of MSGTR_GUI_DropSubtitle.
2018-04-04 ibImplement the (missing) GUI messages evForward* and...
2018-04-04 ibAdd missing GUI messages evIncVolume and evDecVolume...
2018-04-04 ibAdd missing GUI message evIconify to the menu.
2017-10-10 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_GUI_ReplayGainAdjust...
2017-10-09 ibMake ReplayGain options configurable through GUI's...
2016-03-29 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 37846
2016-03-24 ibUpdate German translations.
2016-03-22 reimardemuxer.c: Apply -ni option more aggressively.
2015-09-12 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 37475
2015-09-04 ibAdd support for CD/(S)VCD/DVD image and DVD copy playba...
2015-09-04 ibAdd support for bin/cue playback to the GUI.
2015-08-31 ibRevise MPDEMUX_CUEREAD messages.
2015-08-31 ibMake info message translatable.
2014-10-19 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 37272
2014-09-08 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_GuiNeedsX.
2014-09-08 ibRemove GTK+ and GLib versions 1 relatedness from the...
2014-08-31 ibRevise MSGTR_GUI_NonInterleavedParser.
2014-06-01 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 37177
2014-04-24 ibNew GUI feature: Rotate a video.
2014-04-24 ibAdd remove_vf().
2014-04-22 ibRevise German translation.
2014-04-07 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 37121
2014-04-03 ibCheck potmeter and pimage default value in skin configu...
2014-03-28 ibCheck numphases.
2014-03-23 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36987
2014-03-10 ibPrint an information on deprecated skin config file...
2014-03-04 ibRevise MSGTR_GUI_MSG_SkinErrorMessage.
2014-03-02 ibAdd VOCTRL_GUISUPPORT.
2014-02-26 jrashFix previous sync error
2014-02-25 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36831
2014-02-18 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_Help.
2014-02-14 ibTry to be more precise about the warning introduced...
2014-02-14 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_NoBindFound.
2014-02-13 ibRemove console messages that are no longer needed.
2014-02-09 ibFix issue with testing of the help message header files.
2014-02-08 ibUpdate German translation.
2014-02-08 ibMake more messages translatable.
2014-02-08 ibImprove testing of the help message header files.
2014-02-07 ibRemove the Revision keyword.
2014-02-07 ibRevise German translation of some help messages.
2014-02-07 ibAdd my name.
2014-02-07 ibLocalize decimal mark.
2014-02-07 ibEnable checking help_text by
2014-02-07 ibMake unknown audio language translatable.
2014-02-05 ibRelocate MSGTR_SamplesWanted.
2014-02-05 ibImprove testing of the help message header files.
2014-02-05 ibRevise MSGTR_MPDEMUX_URL_StringAlreadyEscaped.
2014-02-05 ibFix MSGTR_MPDEMUX_URL_StringAlreadyEscaped.
2014-02-05 ibRename symbolic constants of GUI help message texts.
2014-02-04 ibRemove the previous definition of MSGTR_ConfigureEqualizer.
2014-02-04 ibChange help message texts corresponding with r36766.
2014-02-02 ibRemove line being present twice.
2014-02-02 ibRename the Danish messages header file.
2014-02-02 ibAdd a message box type "information".
2014-02-01 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36769
2014-02-01 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36766
2014-01-31 ibPrettify the skin browser.
2014-01-31 ibRevise GUI help message texts.
2014-01-31 ibRemove pointless pair of parentheses.
2014-01-30 ibRevise GUI help message texts.
2014-01-30 ibImprove testing of the help message text headers.
2014-01-26 reimarstream.c: remove pointless NULL check.
2014-01-23 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_GuiNeedsX.
2014-01-22 ibPrettify layout of dialog for codecs and demuxer.
2014-01-22 ibRemove MSGTR_PREFERENCES_FontFactor.
2014-01-22 ibRevise some subtitle and OSD related help messages.
2014-01-22 ibRevise some font related help messages.
2014-01-21 ibRevise German translation of some help messages.
2014-01-21 ibAdd MSGTR_PREFERENCES_FontAutoScaleMode.
2014-01-21 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_PREFERENCES_FontOutLine.
2014-01-20 ibImprove the dialog for subtitle encodings with iconv.
2014-01-19 ibPrettify the dialog for subtitle encodings selection.
2014-01-18 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36587
2014-01-17 ibAdd MSGTR_PREFERENCES_NoEnc.
2014-01-17 ibRevise MSGTR_PREFERENCES_None.
2014-01-14 ibAdd missing Windows code page encodings.
2014-01-14 ibAdd missing ISO-8859 encodings.
2014-01-14 ibFix KOI8 encodings.
2014-01-13 ibAdd UTF-8 to list of available encodings.
2014-01-13 ibRevise encoding comments.
2013-12-01 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36525
2013-11-29 ibAdd support for TV/DVB to the GUI.
2013-11-29 ibRevise German translation of some help messages.
2013-11-29 ibRevise German translation of some help messages.
2013-11-19 ibRevise German translation of some help messages.
2013-10-27 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36470
2013-10-16 ibTranslate MSGTR_VO_OutputDirectory.
2013-10-16 alvo jpeg, png, pnm: Make output directory message less...
2013-08-10 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36413
2013-08-07 ibBe more consistent with movie aspect setting and check.
2013-08-03 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 36374
2013-07-30 ibEnable localization of ratio text.
2013-03-16 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 35968
2013-03-15 ibRevise MSGTR_LOCALE_ENCODING.
2013-03-15 ibAdd a warning message about @locale in G_FILENAME_ENCODING.
2013-01-19 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 35738