Define variable allow_playlist_parsing globally.
[mplayer.git] / path.h
2017-03-13 almpcommon: common_init: Avoid creating a mem leak of...
2011-02-01 cboeschAdd mp_dir_join function.
2011-01-03 cboeschReplace mp_path_is_absolute with mp_path_join.
2010-12-24 cboeschAdd mp_path_is_absolute function.
2010-11-21 cboeschAdd a mp_dirname function (unused at the moment)
2010-11-16 cboeschExport mp_basename in a function instead of duplicate...
2010-03-23 diegoGet rid of pointless def_path variable; use codec_path...
2010-03-21 diegoRename SetCodecPath() --> set_codec_path().
2010-03-20 diegoRename get_path.[ch] --> path.[ch].