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2009-02-28 bircophSynced with r28745.
2009-02-23 bircophSynced with r28704.
2009-02-19 bircophSynced with r28670. (Copyright year update.)
2009-02-18 bircophCurrent revision is in sync with r28645, because r28644...
2009-02-18 bircophRestore synchronization with r28618.
2009-02-18 bircophRevert r28597 as requested by Diego in order to be...
2009-02-18 bircophSync with r28618.
2009-02-15 bircophChange man page encoding from KOI8-R to UTF-8.
2009-02-15 bircophGet rid of trailing whitespaces.
2009-02-15 bircophSync with r28520, 100% done.
2009-02-14 bircophSync with r27979.
2009-02-14 bircophSync with r27639.
2009-01-05 Gabrovupdate copyright year
2008-11-15 bircophFix phrase to maintain consistency.
2008-11-15 bircophSynced with r26763.
2008-11-08 bircophSynced with r25786.
2008-11-04 bircophFix a typo.
2008-07-07 diegoGive all shell scripts a .sh suffix for consistency.
2008-01-01 gpoirierupdate copyright year to 2008
2007-11-28 voroshilr24924: Add audio filter scaletempo
2007-11-04 diegoEscape some more '-'.
2007-11-03 diegoEscape a ton of '-'. Note that this is likely not...
2007-11-03 voroshilr24875: program switching in demux_lavf
2007-10-25 voroshilr24740: misc roff fixes
2007-10-08 voroshilSync tag update
2007-10-07 cehoyosChanged proposed monitorpixelaspect value for -vo aa...
2007-10-07 voroshilr24706: Add hint to monitorpixelaspect for -vo aa.
2007-10-05 cehoyosDefault monitorpixelaspect is 1.
2007-09-29 voroshilr24655: analyzeduration option for lavf demuxer
2007-09-29 voroshilr24646: add -lavfdopts format option
2007-09-24 voroshilr24558: Clarify the relationship between -msglevel...
2007-09-17 voroshilr24550: msglevel 5 is the default.
2007-09-12 voroshilr24423: Implementation of tv:// driver autodetection.
2007-09-10 voroshilr24386: move lavc option out of XviD section, to lavc...
2007-09-07 voroshilr24356: spelling fixes, pointed by Diego
2007-09-06 voroshilr24294: suboption consistency, add fixme document ...
2007-08-26 voroshilr24125: Automatic TV channels scanning ability for...
2007-08-22 voroshilr24050: MP3 audio encoder was renamed to libmp3lame...
2007-08-02 voroshilr23996: Hint at mf://@... syntax
2007-08-01 voroshilr23982: i_certify_that_my_video_stream_does_not_use_b_f...
2007-08-01 voroshilr23897: Experimental negative panscan values
2007-07-28 voroshilr23852: af channels example for ffdca to ALSA reordering
2007-07-22 voroshilUpdate sync tag
2007-07-20 diegoRemove vo_syncfb, which was unused for 5 years.
2007-07-18 voroshilr23748: Leave out (no) prefix from option names for...
2007-07-08 voroshilr23687: Implemented tv://[<channel>][/<input_id>] url...
2007-06-24 voroshilr23504: -lavdopts threads is only implemented for mpeg[12]
2007-06-06 voroshilr23440: New "automute" tv:// option.
2007-05-31 voroshilr23370: added missing fps
2007-05-21 voroshilmissed sync tag update
2007-05-21 voroshilr23367: little alignment fixes
2007-05-19 voroshil-----mencoder.xml----
2007-05-14 voroshilr23308: List dv in pixel formats lavc's dv encoder...
2007-05-12 voroshilr23283: wrong suboption for vo gif89a, revision 16722...
2007-05-08 voroshilr23240: document lavc's 'level' option, patch by Carl...
2007-04-30 voroshilsync tag update
2007-04-28 benupdated manpages with new vidix subdevice names
2007-04-28 voroshilr23152: Add -ass-hinting option for setting font hintin...
2007-04-12 voroshilr22975: cosmetics: remove trailing white space
2007-04-09 voroshilr22916: Ability to specify video and audio capture...
2007-04-03 voroshilr22845: Clarify -xineramascreen -2 behaviour
2007-03-24 voroshilr22622: Wording improvement as suggested by Michael.
2007-03-22 cehoyosr22776: 'D' also turns off and on kerndeint
2007-03-12 voroshilr22521: Clarify -reuse-socket description.
2007-03-12 voroshilr22408: add -tv driver=help entry, also add dshow tv...
2007-02-17 voroshilwording, typos fix
2007-02-05 voroshilr22104: Add global field dominance flag instead of...
2007-01-31 voroshilr22060: describe -psprobe
2007-01-27 voroshilr21989: fix typo
2007-01-21 voroshilr21959: Apply ancient double-click patch that nobody...
2007-01-18 voroshilr21930: gcc_bug++;
2007-01-14 voroshilr21882: sync to x264 r607 (update description of threads)
2007-01-11 voroshilr21865: Audio track switching works with DVDs as well.
2007-01-11 voroshilTypo
2007-01-10 gpoirierupgrade copyright years
2007-01-08 voroshilr21848: clarify a few things about the interaction...
2006-12-24 voroshilr21758: Subtitle formats are listed in subreader.h...
2006-12-22 voroshilr21722: ffv1 and ffvhuff haven't required vstrict=...
2006-12-21 voroshilFixed wrong sync tag
2006-12-21 voroshilr21691: added smb:// to the list of allowed input urls
2006-12-21 voroshilFixed:
2006-12-17 voroshilr21651: add missing line break
2006-12-17 voroshilTrnaslated section "CODEC SPECIFIC ENCODING OPTIONS...
2006-12-17 voroshilr21621: mpegts uses 3-letter language codes
2006-12-14 voroshiltransliteration -> translation for "dB" and "intra"
2006-12-13 voroshilr21599: vstrict=0 is required to create DVDs decodable...
2006-12-13 voroshilspelling fix
2006-12-10 voroshilr21561: update vbuf_size and suggest 400 for HDTV video
2006-12-07 voroshilr21529: spelling
2006-12-07 voroshilTypo
2006-12-06 voroshilTranslated section "GENERAL ENCODING OPTIONS"
2006-12-05 voroshilr21503: updated documentation of -mpegopts :tele*
2006-12-05 voroshilTranslation of "VIDEO FILTERS" section.
2006-12-04 voroshilr21484: documented -mpegopts :tele_src and :tele_dest
2006-12-03 voroshilOne FIXME (CC subtitles related) resolved.
2006-12-03 voroshilFix translation error in previous sync
2006-12-03 voroshilfixed missing tag update
2006-12-03 voroshilr21430: documented -mpegopts :[va]buf_size
2006-12-02 voroshilTranslated section "AUDIO FILTERS"
2006-12-02 voroshilTypo