r27801 Clarify screenw/screenh options, patch by Christian Ohm, chr.ohm gmx net.
[mplayer.git] / DOCS / man / de / mplayer.1
2009-02-26 kraymerr27801 Clarify screenw/screenh options, patch by Christ...
2009-02-25 kraymerr27390 Fix a misleading section in the libavcodec optio...
2009-02-25 Gabrovcopyright year update in man pages
2009-01-05 Gabrovupdate copyright year
2008-10-08 kraymerr27182: apply parameter name change of no-correct-pts...
2008-07-07 diegoGive all shell scripts a .sh suffix for consistency.
2008-07-04 kraymerr27182: apply parameter name change of no-correct-pts...
2008-06-30 kraymerr26502: Document rgbtest arguments
2008-06-30 kraymerr25756: Document vo gl lscale=3
2008-06-30 kraymerr25385: Add new audio filter for encoding multi-channel...
2008-06-30 kraymerr25179: Add missing forced linebreak, slight wording...
2008-06-30 kraymerr24808: Add a space behind openal to get minimum length...
2008-06-30 kraymerr24772: DirectShow based tv:// driver for win32
2008-06-30 kraymerr24727: H.264 content can also be decoded with multiple...
2008-06-30 kraymerversion bump to 24719
2008-01-01 gpoirierupdate copyright year to 2008
2007-11-04 diegoEscape some more '-'.
2007-11-03 diegoEscape a ton of '-'. Note that this is likely not...
2007-10-07 cehoyosChanged proposed monitorpixelaspect value for -vo aa...
2007-10-05 cehoyosrtsp-stream-over-tcp also works with NEMESI.
2007-10-05 cehoyosDefault monitorpixelaspect is 1.
2007-10-05 cehoyosFix typo.
2007-10-05 cehoyosAdd hint to monitorpixelaspect for -vo aa.
2007-09-29 kraymercompile fix for faq.xml
2007-09-25 kraymerr24550: msglevel 5 is the default.
2007-09-10 kraymerr24294: suboption consistency, add fixme document ...
2007-08-26 kraymerr24050: MP3 audio encoder was renamed to libmp3lame...
2007-08-07 kraymerr23996: Hint at mf://@... syntax
2007-08-01 kraymerr23687: Implemented tv://[<channel>][/<input_id>] url...
2007-07-20 diegoRemove vo_syncfb, which was unused for 5 years.
2007-06-26 kraymerr23504: -lavdopts threads is only implemented for mpeg[12]
2007-06-05 kraymerr23410: add documentation for new -menu-chroot option
2007-05-29 kraymerr23325: dv does not support YVU9
2007-05-14 kraymerfix typo
2007-05-14 kraymerr23152: Add -ass-hinting option for setting font hintin...
2007-05-06 cehoyosdocument lavc's 'level' option
2007-04-28 benupdated manpages with new vidix subdevice names
2007-04-27 cehoyosMake -monitorpixelaspect 1 the default.
2007-04-11 kraymerr22845: Clarify -xineramascreen -2 behaviour
2007-03-26 kraymerr22637: Allow to specify frequencies in channels option.
2007-03-22 cehoyosr22776: 'D' also turns off and on kerndeint
2007-03-16 kraymerr22492: documented -reuse-socket
2007-03-06 kraymermplayer.1
2007-02-09 kraymerr22150: key-fifo-size default changed
2007-02-09 kraymerfix typo, line break, wording
2007-02-05 kraymerfix unintentional line break
2007-02-05 kraymerr22123: tinterlace mode 4 leaves height unchanged.
2007-02-03 kraymerr22107: Move -vo gl suboptions that should be irrelevan...
2007-02-03 kraymerr22089: x264's crf takes a float argument
2007-02-03 kraymerr22062: alphabetical order
2007-02-03 kraymerr21959: Apply ancient double-click patch that nobody...
2007-01-17 kraymerr21954: "-lavdopts fast" has applied to mpeg4 and h264...
2007-01-17 kraymerr21727: Must refer to option name instead of internal...
2007-01-17 kraymerr21691: added smb:// to the list of allowed input urls
2007-01-10 gpoirierupgrade copyright years
2006-12-19 kraymerr21508: emphasis the fact that leaving black borders...
2006-12-17 kraymertypo
2006-12-17 kraymerr21654: add man page entry for new -dvd-speed option
2006-12-17 kraymerr21561: update vbuf_size and suggest 400 for HDTV video
2006-12-07 kraymerr21531: Document geq filter.
2006-12-07 kraymerr21529: spelling
2006-12-07 kraymerr21503: updated documentation of -mpegopts :tele*
2006-12-04 kraymerhelp_mp-de.h:
2006-11-27 kraymerhelp messages:
2006-11-24 kraymerr21161: MSGTR for libmpcodecs/vd.c
2006-11-23 kraymerfix sync comment, it was left out in last commit
2006-11-21 kraymertypo / small fixes
2006-11-18 kraymerr20969: document new key binding for switching video...
2006-11-18 kraymerr21012: group together "quality" control options
2006-11-18 kraymerr20876: rename: XviD -> Xvid (man page part)
2006-11-18 kraymerr21008: remove xvid3's mpeg_quant, replace it by xvid4...
2006-11-18 kraymerr21004: remove xvid3's quant_range, move xvid4 [min...
2006-11-18 kraymerr21001: Add *BSD BT848 radio support
2006-11-13 kraymerr20900: Missing : in -vf expand ar example
2006-11-13 kraymerr20866: Recommend gcc 3.4+.
2006-11-11 kraymeradd encoding info to some man pages
2006-11-10 kraymerr20774: Adding ability to check allowed frequency range.
2006-11-09 kraymerr20648: Document ao_openal.
2006-11-05 kraymermarkup fix
2006-11-03 kraymerr20620: better description for -correct-pts
2006-10-31 kraymerr20534: An example of using -vf ass.
2006-10-30 kraymerbetter wording for MSGTR_MENU_None
2006-10-26 kraymervarious orthography and wording fixes
2006-10-26 kraymerr20426: -chapter works with dvd:// and dvdnav://
2006-10-22 kraymerr20369: Warn about dangers of -use-filedir-conf option
2006-10-22 kraymerr20358: Make documentation links point to the online...
2006-10-21 kraymerfixed sync tag
2006-10-21 kraymerr20317: Greatly simplify synopsis roff markup and add...
2006-10-19 kraymerr20288: vf uspp description: it now uses snow, not...
2006-10-17 kraymerrewording of config file usage
2006-10-17 kraymerr20257: Disable loading of file-specific configuration...
2006-10-15 kraymerr20254: bump date, small consistency fix
2006-10-15 kraymerescape - (bobdeint)
2006-10-15 reimarImplement bob (pseudo?) deinterlacing for xvmc.
2006-10-15 kraymerr20237: Escape some more - signs.
2006-10-14 kraymerr20189: Some more consistency for the -pvr options...
2006-10-12 kraymerr20132: little typo fixes
2006-10-05 kraymerr20061: document new x264 options through r579. (ssim...
2006-10-04 kraymerr20028: faacopts :object is in the range 1..4, not...
2006-10-03 kraymerremove trailing periods in listing, insert dashes for...