Remove usage of memalign.
[mplayer.git] / drivers /
2012-02-19 diegoMake inline keyword handling consistent.
2012-01-19 diegoMove static keyword to the beginning of function declar...
2010-10-05 diegoAdd necessary #includes to make headers compile standalone.
2010-09-20 diegoAdd an actual .c file for the rage128_vid kernel module.
2010-04-12 diegothe great MPlayer tab removal: part I
2010-02-20 diegocosmetics: Remove pointless empty lines at EOF.
2009-10-08 diegocosmetics: Remove some pointless parentheses from retur...
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-02-16 diegoReplace double semicolon by single semicolon.
2008-10-16 diegoReplace all occurrences of '__volatile__' and '__volati...
2008-10-16 diegoChange all occurrences of asm and __asm to __asm__...
2008-06-23 diegoRename some definitions to avoid clashing with system...
2008-06-14 diegostandard license headers for mga_vid
2008-06-14 attilaadd MGA_VID_GET_VERSION ioctl to old mga_vid driver...
2008-05-28 diegoMerge drivers/Makefile into top-level Makefile.
2008-05-28 diegoFix setting of CFLAGS for Radeon modules.
2008-05-28 diegoDisable unused function, fixes the warning:
2008-05-23 attilasync mga_vid.h to revision 265 from the mga_vid repo
2008-05-23 attilarevert changes 26035 and 26061
2008-05-16 diegocosmetics: Remove useless parentheses from return state...
2008-04-26 diegoclean and distclean rules do the same thing.
2008-04-18 diegoSimplify phony target declaration.
2008-02-22 diegoAdd MPLAYER_ prefix to multiple inclusion guards.
2008-02-19 diegocosmetics: Move definitions to a more standard place.
2008-02-19 diegoAdd standard license header and make copyright notices...
2008-01-27 diegoRename some identifiers to not use leading underscores.
2008-01-06 diegoFix illegal identifiers: Names starting with __ or...
2008-01-01 diegoAdd multiple inclusion guards to all header files that...
2008-01-01 diegoReplace multiple inclusion guards with leading undersco...
2007-12-31 diegoAdd explanatory comments to the #endif part of multiple...
2007-08-31 diegowarning fixes:
2007-08-29 diegowarning fixes:
2007-08-29 diegowarning fix:
2007-08-29 diegoBuild test programs with standard CFLAGS and use implic...
2007-08-29 diegowarning fix:
2007-07-28 diegocosmetics: misc typo fixes
2007-07-09 diegoISO8859-1 --> UTF-8
2007-03-24 diegocosmetics: Shorten overly long lines.
2007-03-18 attilasync mga_vid.h to the one in the mga_vid repo.
2007-03-17 diegoMove files from radeon/ subdirectory here.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove radeonfb, the version in the Linux kernel is...
2007-03-17 diegowording/spelling/grammar/updates/cosmetics
2007-03-17 diegoMerge Makefile from radeon/ subdirectory into this...
2007-03-17 diegoCreate device nodes upon install.
2007-03-17 diegoIntroduce OBJS variable for the list of objects to...
2007-03-17 diegoRemove support for 2.5.x kernels.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove useless compilation commands that are provided...
2007-03-17 diegoMerge test rules using general pattern.
2007-03-17 diegoInstall tdfx_vid.o as well.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove now unnecessary MGA_VID_OBJ variable indirection.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove pointless variable indirection.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove remnants of Linux 2.6 support, the mga_vid.c...
2007-03-17 diegoRemove pointless variable indirection for -I options.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove unnecessary -I option from CFLAGS.
2007-03-17 diegocosmetics: Remove superfluous comment.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove superfluous .o creation rule, it's the same...
2007-03-17 diegoRemove unused variables INCLUDES and MOD_PATH_PREFIX.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove unused variable AFLAGS.
2007-03-17 diegoPut -D options in CPPFLAGS, don't duplicate -D__KERNEL__.
2007-03-17 diegowording/spelling/cosmetics
2007-03-17 diegoRename tdfx_vid_tst to tdfx_vid_test.
2007-03-17 diegoMerge README.linux.2.6 into general README.
2007-03-17 diegoMerge Rage128 README into general README.
2007-03-17 diegoBuild tdfx_vid.o and tdfx_vid_tst by default under...
2007-03-17 diegoMerge CFLAGS and INCLUDES where appropriate.
2007-03-17 diegoMake strange clean/distclean rules behave in a more...
2007-03-17 diegoGet rid of ugly conditionals.
2007-03-17 diegoGet rid of stupid recursion within a single directory.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove unnecessary include options from compilation...
2007-03-17 diegoSimplify compilation commands.
2007-03-17 diegoRemove rule for non-existing file.
2007-03-17 diegoSimplify compilation command.
2007-03-17 diegoMark phony targets as such.
2007-03-17 diegowhitespace cosmetics
2007-03-17 diegoMark phony targets as such.
2007-03-17 diegoSplit dependency and rule declaration, avoids duplicate...
2007-03-17 diegoSimplify compilation commands.
2007-01-22 diegoFix FSF address and otherwise broken license headers.
2006-11-20 diegoUnify dep/depend targets.
2006-07-05 attilaadd a file saying that people should not try to compile
2006-06-02 diegoRemove now obsolete .cvsignore files.
2006-04-13 diegoSimplify mkdir calls.
2006-01-27 diegoMake clean/distclean behave uniformly in all directories.
2005-07-03 alex1l
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typo
2004-06-26 alexmga_vid under linux 2.6.x support written by F. O....
2003-10-04 gabucinomany small typo and grammar fixes
2003-08-31 attila* Add multi device support.
2003-07-09 diegooutput typo fixes: unknow --> unknown
2003-06-26 albeuAllow negative x,y for the overlay.
2003-03-27 albeuThe overlay can't downscale
2003-03-21 alexselectable 'major', patch by Hans-Andreas Engel <engel...
2003-03-21 alexmultiple mga device support by Hans-Andreas Engel ...
2003-03-14 arpiadd MODULE_LICENSE
2003-03-12 albeuShut up some debug messages
2003-03-12 albeuOverlay support (now vo_xtdfx is possible :) and yet...
2003-03-09 albeuUpdate, new page fault handler to access the agp mem...
2003-03-09 albeuI forgot to commit this file
2003-03-07 albeutdfx_vid a new kernel driver for tdfx wich let use...
2003-03-02 attilaworkaround wrong detected memory sizes on G400 cards.