Remove usage of memalign.
[mplayer.git] / drivers / mga_vid.h
2010-10-05 diegoAdd necessary #includes to make headers compile standalone.
2008-06-14 diegostandard license headers for mga_vid
2008-05-23 attilasync mga_vid.h to revision 265 from the mga_vid repo
2008-05-23 attilarevert changes 26035 and 26061
2008-02-22 diegoAdd MPLAYER_ prefix to multiple inclusion guards.
2008-02-19 diegoAdd standard license header and make copyright notices...
2008-01-01 diegoReplace multiple inclusion guards with leading undersco...
2007-03-18 attilasync mga_vid.h to the one in the mga_vid repo.
2002-03-10 arpimin() moved out of #if, applied brightness/contrast...
2001-05-23 arpi_espgcc warnings fixed - patch by Aelius
2001-04-16 arpi_espI420/IYUV support
2001-04-15 arpi_espqrva eletbe nem kene cvs-t elbaszni inkabb ne nyuljatok...
2001-03-08 arpi_espconfig interface changed
2001-03-05 arpi_espput back #include inttypes.h :(
2001-03-05 arpi_esp#include <inttypes.h> removed
2001-02-24 arpi_espInitial revision