Remove usage of memalign.
[mplayer.git] / libass / ass_cache.c
2011-12-03 reimarUpdate libass to 0.10 release.
2011-09-11 reimarUpdate included libass copy to 0.9.13 release.
2010-08-06 gregImport libass 0.9.10
2010-01-08 gregUpdate internal libass copy to commit 8db4a5
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-03-08 eugeniTreat -font/-subfont as Fontconfig pattern in libass.
2009-03-05 gregCombine adjacent overlapping, translucent glyph borders...
2008-05-16 diegocosmetics: Remove useless parentheses from return state...
2008-05-14 diegoSpeak of libass instead of MPlayer in the libass licens...
2008-05-13 diegoUse standard license header.
2007-05-03 eugeniFix stupid bug in r23229.
2007-05-03 eugeniMake cache_*_add functions return the pointer to new...
2007-04-20 eugeniStore outline_glyph (glyph border) in glyph cache.
2007-04-20 eugeniOops, fix compilation broken in r23037.
2007-04-20 eugeniCollect hit/miss statistic in hash map, and print in...
2007-04-20 eugeniAdd outline glyph cache (unused yet).
2007-04-20 eugeniRename glyph cache to bitmap cache.
2007-04-20 eugeniAdd generic hash map implementation.
2007-02-22 eugeniAdd some missing includes.
2007-02-16 eugeniImplement \frx and \fry (and reimplement \frz) as 3d...
2006-12-03 eugeniKeep embedded fonts in ass_library_t and perform actual...
2006-11-28 eugeniUse (ass_font_t, char code) instead of (FT_Face, glyph...
2006-11-27 eugeniFix compilation broken in previous commit.
2006-11-27 eugeniMove ass_font_t allocation to ass_font.h.
2006-11-26 eugeniRemove obsolete "no_more_font_messages" hack.
2006-11-26 eugeniMove fonts-related code to a separate file.
2006-11-26 eugeniMake ass_new_font return ass_font_t struct (instead...
2006-11-26 eugeniMove ass_font_t to header.
2006-11-26 eugeniRename:
2006-11-19 kraymerMSGTRs for libass
2006-11-19 eugeniCollect all includes of mplayer headers in libass in...
2006-11-03 eugeniPrefer microsoft-specific charmaps to all other.
2006-11-03 eugeniIntroduce MSGT_ASS, use it for all libass messages.
2006-10-01 eugeniAdd copyright notice and vim/emacs comments to libass...
2006-09-24 eugeniShadow support in libass.
2006-09-16 eugeniAdd \be (blur edges) support to libass.
2006-09-16 eugeniStore bitmap glyphs in a separate struct, instead of...
2006-08-26 eugeniSimplify ass_glyph_cache_reset().
2006-08-26 eugeniReset glyph cache on reconfigure.
2006-07-07 eugeniInitial libass release (without mencoder support).