Use MPlayer's CPU detection module instead of libmpeg2's,
[mplayer.git] / libmpeg2 / idct.c
2005-02-19 diegoMark locally modified files as such to comply more...
2004-11-03 aurelenable mmx support on x86_64 in libmpeg2
2004-10-17 pontschocompile error fix on PPC/G3
2004-08-02 henryImporting libmpeg2 from mpeg2dec-0.4.0b
2003-07-27 alexgcc2.95.x has no support for mvi instructions
2003-07-07 alexwarning fixes
2003-06-09 arpilibmpeg2-altivec patch by Magnus Damm <damm@opensource...
2003-04-06 arpiImporting libmpeg2 from mpeg2dec-0.3.1
2001-12-25 plwarning fix
2001-06-23 arpi_espsome info printfs moved stderr->stdout
2001-03-04 arpi_esplibmpeg2-0.2.0 merge
2001-02-24 arpi_espInitial revision