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2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-03-19 rathannFix HTML docs generation, broken in r28980.
2009-03-17 reimarAvoid an error at the end of chunked HTML doc generation.
2008-07-19 henrydocs build fix
2008-03-06 diegoAdd some more paths to find tools on Slackware 12.
2008-02-21 gpoirierimprove DTD dection of MacPort-install docbook package
2007-03-11 diegoMake sure docbook 4.x gets preferred over 3.x.
2007-02-05 diegosome more docbook paths, patch by Torinthiel
2007-01-04 gpoirieradd autodetection support for docbook stuff installed...
2006-11-08 diegoGenerated XSL files should be in UTF-8.
2006-10-26 torinthielClearly state that main.xml is generated
2006-02-24 diegoAdd XML tool paths for SUSE 10.0
2006-01-22 kraymerlet configure find docbookx.dtd (version 4.4)
2005-12-25 diegoAdd current Cygwin tool paths.
2005-04-12 diegoUse wildcards to make path detection less version-speci...
2005-04-11 diegoBreak overly long lines into something more manageable.
2004-11-01 rathannsmall fix to find DocBook DTD in more exotic locations...
2004-06-17 wightanother DTD location
2004-02-11 diegoSuSE docbook DTD path, patch by Thomas Jarosch <tomj...
2004-01-21 diegosort -u is equivalent to sort | uniq, hint by Dominik.
2004-01-21 wightsome new locations from newest Gentoo
2004-01-21 diegouniq is ineffective without sort.
2004-01-20 diegoShiny new build system by Torinthiel, polished and...
2003-11-16 diegoless verbosity
2003-10-26 diegoRed Hat support added by Dominik, README updated.
2003-10-21 diegohtml.xsl ---> html-single.xsl + more consistency +...
2003-10-20 lumagAdd support for building all-in-one HTML docs. (Files...
2003-10-05 diegoCygwin support
2003-09-21 lumagFix chunk.xsl autodetection.
2003-06-30 lumagSet id="index" option
2003-06-18 diegoXML autoconfiguration by Dmitry Baryshkov <lumag@qnc...