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2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2007-09-27 kraymerr21612: replace " with ", better readability
2007-09-27 kraymer"fake" commit (postpone cosmetics from r21537 for now)
2006-11-03 kraymerr20571: cvidix tricks
2006-10-30 kraymerconvert DOCS/de from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
2006-10-26 kraymerr20412: Fix some inconsistencies pointed out by Torinthiel.
2006-10-23 kraymerr20399: Remove bio2jack from list of required software.
2006-10-23 attilait's "die Syntax" not "der Syntax"
2006-10-22 kraymerr20392: misc fixes
2006-10-22 kraymerr20379: Remove doubled -dvd-device information.
2006-10-12 kraymerr20176: small consistency/format fix
2006-10-12 kraymerinitial import of cd-dvd.xml (german translation)