whitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
[mplayer.git] / etc /
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-04-04 compnmake = and + both adjust audio delay, useful for keyboa...
2009-04-03 compnadd fourccs: dvp and dvs1, from vlc dv video fourcc...
2009-03-31 compncdvh decodes with ffdv
2009-03-24 compnsqcp plays with ffqclp in ffmpeg
2009-03-15 reimarPrefer ffdv over qdv, it seems qdv can not play some...
2009-03-10 compnadd sn40 binary codec
2009-03-10 compnsn40 decodes with ffodivx
2009-03-08 reimarRemove internal NuppelVideo decoder, the code in libavc...
2009-03-08 reimarBump etc/codecs.conf version to eliminate one possible...
2009-02-23 reimarffvc1vdpau and ffwmv3vdpau should be marked as buggy...
2009-02-17 reimarMark all Linux RealVideo decoders as buggy, they all...
2009-02-15 reimarWMVA works with VDPAU, too
2009-02-15 reimarSync fourccs for ffvc1vdpau
2009-02-15 reimarSync fourcc list for ffmpeg12vdpau
2009-02-14 reimarAdd support for image formats and codecs used by VDPAU
2009-02-08 diegoFix FFmpeg decoder info fields to be consistent.
2009-02-08 diegocosmetics: Drop redundant "decoder" from codec info...
2009-01-29 compnadd pvez to truemotion 1
2009-01-20 compnadd EPHV to ffodivx,xvid
2009-01-16 compnadd mimic in avi fourcc LM20 to ffmimic
2009-01-13 compnadd SLMJ fourcc to ffmjpeg
2009-01-13 compnadd binary codecs:
2009-01-13 compnadd nsvideo (NSVI) binary codec. works on uncommon...
2009-01-13 compnadd yamaha adpcm ffmpeg codec, works on sample
2009-01-10 compnadd vdowave acm codec for format 0xFFFC
2009-01-05 compnadd binary codec Philips Speech Processing CELP acm...
2008-12-24 compnadd zygo audio (SPXN) qtaudio codec
2008-12-23 reimarReduce the priority of the rv3040 native Linux RealVide...
2008-12-22 compnre-add codecs: sif1 (directshow version) and acdsee...
2008-12-21 compnadd amr format tags, fixes:
2008-12-20 compnremove acdsee mjpeg binary codec, works with ffmjpeg
2008-12-20 kostyaFFmpeg now has RV30 decoder enabled
2008-12-17 compnadd binary codecs:
2008-12-17 compnadd binary codec for fourcc wavc
2008-12-16 compnAdded FOURCCS:
2008-12-13 compnanother mpeg4 fourcc and add binary vdo codec
2008-12-11 compnadd ac-3 fourcc from mp4 file
2008-12-10 compnadd acdv fourcc to ffmjpeg
2008-12-09 compnadd binary voxware metavoice audio codec, format 0x74
2008-12-08 compnremove duplicated fourcc
2008-12-08 compnadd some fourcc's and ulead dv audio codec, fixes sampl...
2008-12-05 compnadd a bunch of binary codecs with samples from this...
2008-12-04 diegoAdd entry for FFmpeg QCELP decoder, currently produces...
2008-12-03 cehoyosAllow mp2 in mov.
2008-12-03 compnadd bunch of fourccs and updates from
2008-12-03 compnadd FFDS fourcc
2008-12-01 kostyaFFmpeg now has RV40 decoder
2008-11-26 diegoUpdate Tremor comment regarding fixed-point mode.
2008-11-24 compnadd more informative comment
2008-11-24 diegoCreate a separate codecs.conf entry for Tremor and...
2008-09-23 diegoAdd RVTR fourcc to ffrv20 decoder.
2008-09-20 compnadd blackmagic 10bit decoder, works on v-codecs/R210/
2008-09-20 compnanother dup
2008-09-20 compnduplicate fourcc spotted by uoti
2008-09-20 compnfix typo
2008-09-19 compnsync with videolan
2008-09-19 compnsync with xine
2008-09-19 compnsync with libavformat/riff.c
2008-09-19 compnsync with libavformat/isom.c fourcc
2008-09-16 compnyet another mpeg2 in mov fourcc xd5b, fixes XDCAMHD.mov
2008-09-01 aurelsupport E-AC-3 decoding using ffmpeg
2008-08-21 diegoAdd support for AAC decoding through FFmpeg; libfaad...
2008-08-21 diegocosmetics: Remove trailing whitespace and tabs.
2008-08-10 compncodecs.c note is very old and unneeded.
2008-08-01 compnadd hdv1 fourcc
2008-08-01 compnadd some h263 fourccs
2008-08-01 compnadd ADJV fourcc to mjpeg
2008-08-01 compnadd XIXL fourcc to videoxl codec
2008-07-30 compnadd XDCAM and more HDV MPEG2 fourccs
2008-07-28 compnadd ffvp6a codec
2008-07-28 compnadd ffmotionpixels codec
2008-07-22 diegoAdd Dirac video support via libdirac and libschroedinge...
2008-07-13 reimarAdd support for FFmpeg DK3 ADPCM codec and prefer it...
2008-07-13 reimarAdd support for FFmpeg's ADPCM codecs and make them...
2008-07-07 diegoAdd support for MLP audio through FFmpeg.
2008-06-24 compnadd ffmdec and ffadpcmxa
2008-06-19 benChange DVDNAV command key names.
2008-06-06 compnadd VIDM fourcc to divx/xvid, based on this patch:
2008-06-06 compnadd psiv codec, works on psi_v-sample.mov
2008-06-06 compnadd qtactl codec
2008-05-31 diegoChange spelling of XviD to Xvid as has already been...
2008-05-28 iiveRevert commit r26897.
2008-05-27 diegocosmetics: XviD --> Xvid
2008-05-25 reimarReadd fourcc used by MTV format. Note that BGR->YUV...
2008-05-25 reimarRemove incorrectly added formats
2008-05-21 reimarAdd some codec specifications needed to play MTV files.
2008-05-18 benMake "Menu" button of AppleIR remote call OSD Menu...
2008-05-18 benAllow DVD Menus to be controlled by AppleIR Remote.
2008-05-16 compnadd ffmpeg ea maxis xa adpcm audio decoder
2008-05-14 compnadd gsm in aif, works on aif-gsm610.aif
2008-05-14 compnadd rl2 codec
2008-05-13 benUse more intuitive and user-friendly DVDNAV control...
2008-05-12 compnptx is an internal fourcc
2008-05-12 compnadd ffsiff, works on game-formats/SIFF/
2008-05-12 compnadd ffptx , works on ptx samples
2008-05-03 reimarVLB audio is quite similar to AAC, and faad decodes...
2008-04-30 diegoSync codec short name changes from FFmpeg.
2008-04-29 compnadd info lines to ffmimic, ffkmvc. fixes codec-status...
2008-04-22 diegoAdd BFI video support through FFmpeg.