whitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
[mplayer.git] / gui / mplayer / widgets.c
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2008-07-30 diegoRename two GUI-related preprocessor directives:
2008-04-22 diegoAdd standard GPL header to individual files.
2008-04-12 diegoMake include paths consistent; do not use ../ in them.
2008-04-11 diegoAdd gui/ prefix to some #include paths so that compilat...
2008-03-14 diego#include config.h before all other headers.
2008-03-05 diegoRename url.c/url.h to the less generic gtk_url.c/gtk_url.h.
2008-02-14 diegotypo fix: inited --> initialized
2007-04-23 diegoGui --> gui