whitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
[mplayer.git] / libaf / af_sweep.c
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2008-05-14 diegoUse standard license headers with standard formatting.
2007-12-31 diegoRelicense GPL v2 files as GPL v2+ and add proper licens...
2007-11-01 uaulibaf: change filter input/output ratio calculations
2007-03-20 diegoRename open to af_open so as not to conflict with a...
2005-11-13 diegoUnify include paths by adding -I.. to CFLAGS.
2004-12-27 alexremoving AFMT_ dependancy
2004-12-22 reimarMake filters request a supported input format instead...
2004-10-21 michaelsine sweep generator