whitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
[mplayer.git] / libass / ass_render.c
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-04-21 eugeniDon't automatically wrap lines when WrapStyle==2.
2009-03-28 reimarDocument the ass_render_event event_images parameter.
2009-03-28 reimarInitialize all structs to 0 before using them.
2009-03-08 eugeniTreat -font/-subfont as Fontconfig pattern in libass.
2009-03-08 gregRemove extraneous braces.
2009-03-08 gregDon't assume width == stride for bitmap composition.
2009-03-08 gregFix clipping for pan-and-scan.
2009-03-08 gregAdd a proper color check to the overlap compositing.
2009-03-08 gregReplace rotation functions with a simplified version...
2009-03-07 gregOnly use first \org in a line.
2009-03-06 gregRaise max. number of \be applications to 100, introduce...
2009-03-06 gregReplace magic numbers (for subpixel accuracy masking...
2009-03-06 gregUse blur with kernel [[1,2,1], [2,4,2], [1,2,1]] for...
2009-03-05 gregCombine adjacent overlapping, translucent glyph borders...
2009-03-05 gregFix positioned events' y-position when pan-and-scan...
2009-03-05 gregSupport for subpixel accuracy of 3 bits for \pos and...
2009-03-05 gregSupport ScaledBorderAndShadow property.
2009-03-05 gregScale shadow displacement and blur size like border...
2009-03-05 gregRound shadow displacement to nearest int.
2009-03-05 gregSupport a vsfilter special case:
2009-03-05 gregIgnore PlayResX/Y aspect ratio for font aspect ratio.
2009-03-01 eugeniWith pan-and-scan, keep positioned events in their...
2009-02-27 eugeniZero-fill glyph_info_t before use.
2009-02-27 eugeniRemove unused function argument.
2009-02-27 eugeniSupport fractional arguments for some override tags.
2009-02-27 eugeniFix two gcc warnings.
2009-02-27 eugeniAllow shadow without border.
2009-02-07 eugeniIn case of several \move or \pos in one line, prefer...
2009-02-07 eugeniAdd stubs for a few unimplemented tags.
2009-02-07 eugeniAllow \be with arguments other than 0 or 1. Implement...
2009-01-29 compnincrease max glyph and lines limit
2008-08-08 eugeniDon't print drawing commands on screen.
2008-08-07 eugeni\org turns off collision detection.
2008-08-07 eugeniTreat \h as space character.
2008-08-07 eugeniCalculate subtitle origin in floating point.
2008-08-07 eugeniCalculate subtitle position in floating point.
2008-07-09 eugeniFix \fn without an argument consuming the next '\'.
2008-05-14 diegoSpeak of libass instead of MPlayer in the libass licens...
2008-05-13 diegoUse standard license header.
2008-04-30 eugeniRemove libass dependency on global font_fontconfig...
2008-02-22 eugeniBetter handling of behind-the-camera objects.
2008-02-22 eugeniPrint FreeType version in libass init. Makes error...
2007-12-30 eugeniReturn from ass_start_frame immediately if the track...
2007-10-19 eugeniAvoid text deformation and subtitles moving outside...
2007-09-18 eugeniMore precise line spacing.
2007-09-18 eugeniFix text height calculation. It depends on line spacing.
2007-09-18 eugeniFix an obviously incorrect comment.
2007-09-18 eugeniEnable ass_line_spacing option.
2007-05-19 eugeniCorrect font size in libass.
2007-05-18 eugeniRevert y-axis rotation. Change order of rotations.
2007-05-14 eugeniSupport fractional font sizes.
2007-05-14 eugeniLimit ass_font_set_transform to nonrotating transformat...
2007-05-03 eugeniDeallocate string.
2007-05-02 eugeniAlways deallocate glyphs. Fixes memory leak.
2007-05-01 eugeniUpdate comments.
2007-05-01 eugeniCosmetics.
2007-05-01 eugeniMove glyph_to_bitmap() call and outline glyph deallocat...
2007-05-01 eugeniMinor code simplification.
2007-05-01 eugeniMove get_bitmap_glyph() call to a separate loop.
2007-05-01 eugeniMove transform_3d() call to get_bitmap_glyph().
2007-05-01 eugeniMake a function static.
2007-05-01 eugeniDon't recalculate rotation radius.
2007-05-01 eugeniBugfix: glyph cache depends on border width, because...
2007-04-27 eugeniAdd -ass-hinting option for setting font hinting method.
2007-04-27 eugeniFix division by zero in "\t" parsing.
2007-04-24 eugeniDo not use FT_Glyph_Copy with NULL glyphs.
2007-04-21 eugeniDeallocate glyphs in a separate loop.
2007-04-21 eugeniAlways deallocate glyphs. Fixes a memory leak.
2007-04-21 eugeniReset outline glyph cache when configuration changes.
2007-04-21 eugeniScale camera distance.
2007-04-20 eugeniRemove unused variables.
2007-04-20 eugeniCosmetics.
2007-04-20 eugeniAllow caching of rotated glyphs.
2007-04-20 eugeniAdd shift_[xy] (vector that is added to the glyph befor...
2007-04-20 eugeniFill bitmap_hash_key during parsing stage, call get_bit...
2007-04-20 eugeniRemove bbox and advance vector from bitmap cache.
2007-04-20 eugeniStore outline_glyph (glyph border) in glyph cache.
2007-04-20 eugeniCosmetics: reindentation.
2007-04-20 eugeniBecause of the outline glyph cache it is now possible...
2007-04-20 eugeniMake get_*_glyph return void.
2007-04-20 eugeniMove outline glyph generation to a separate function...
2007-04-20 eugeniRename glyph cache to bitmap cache.
2007-04-20 eugeniA meaningless cosmetic change.
2007-04-20 eugeniAdd perspective projection.
2007-04-20 eugeniApplying transformation matrix to the glyph and the...
2007-04-20 eugeniCosmetics: reindentation.
2007-04-20 eugeniDisable caching of rotated glyphs.
2007-04-13 eugeniFix a stupid bug in r22473: bbox is zero-filled everyti...
2007-04-07 eugeniFix lost hard linebreaks in libass by repeating the...
2007-04-01 uau"()" to "(void)" function param list fixes
2007-03-31 iiveUse FT_Glyph_StrokeBorder to render only the outside...
2007-03-06 eugeniA function always returning 0 could as well return...
2007-03-06 eugeniText alignment should not use bounding boxes of individ...
2007-03-06 eugeniReset advance vector and glyph bounding box if glyph...
2007-03-03 eugeniFix incorrect spacing introduced in r22231:
2007-03-02 eugeni10l: x2scr used twice instead of y2scr.
2007-03-02 eugeniBugfix: transform origin to screen coordinates.
2007-02-23 uauFix \a parsing broken in r22291
2007-02-21 eugeniOops, forgot {} before "else".