whitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
[mplayer.git] / loader / dshow / DS_Filter.c
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-05-04 diegoAdd missing 'void' to parameterless function declarations.
2008-06-08 diegoRename loader/driver.[ch] to loader/drv.[ch], otherwise...
2008-01-27 reimarRemove $Id$ tags, they make diffs between different...
2008-01-13 reimarRemove another 2 useless casts
2008-01-13 reimarRemove a cast useless since r24425.
2008-01-13 reimarMove variable declaration into block where it is used.
2008-01-13 reimarRemove result from warning string, it has no useful...
2008-01-13 reimarRemove a useless cast
2007-09-10 voroshilFix for:
2007-03-02 voroshilRework of copying samples from directshow codecs.
2007-02-23 voroshilFixed loading of VoxWare and wma9sp binary audio codecs...
2006-06-22 diegoCVS --> Subversion in copyright notices
2005-04-15 diegoMark modified imported files as such to comply with...
2003-04-21 alexcygwin support patch by Sascha Sommer and some fixes...
2002-11-26 arpiavifile sync (mostly cosmetics)
2002-09-22 arpitons of warning fixes, also some 10l bugfixes, includin...
2002-09-13 arpiavifile sync - 95% cosmetics 5% bug
2002-07-23 atmos4Warnings fix by Sylvain Petreolle <spetreolle@yahoo...
2001-12-11 arpiavifile sync
2001-11-26 arpiavifile sync. seems to some bugs fixed...
2001-11-21 arpiC++ -> C (import from avifile cvs)
2001-10-30 alexfixed some miscoding :)
2001-10-04 arpisync with avifile
2001-08-16 arpibig avifile sync - from now we have common code
2001-08-15 arpifixed BITMAPINFO struct length truncation (WMV8)
2001-06-11 al3xsome possible buffer overflow places fixed
2001-05-06 arpi_espavifile-0.6-CVS merge
2001-04-11 arpi_espusing expLoadLibraryA instead of LoadLibraryA
2001-04-11 arpi_espless, and more informal printfs
2001-03-29 arpi_espSetup_FS fix for directshow
2001-03-20 arpi_espInitial revision