Add missing strings.h #includes for strcasecmp().
[mplayer.git] / stream / tvi_dshow.c
2013-03-17 diegoAdd missing strings.h #includes for strcasecmp().
2011-10-15 ibPort to Wine.
2011-07-24 diegoDo not translate console messages of verbosity level...
2011-06-22 diegotvi_dshow: Adjust mp_msg printf conversion specifier...
2011-06-22 diegotvi_dshow: Mark functions not used outside of the file...
2010-11-07 diegoRemove some useless NULL pointer checks before invoking...
2010-09-13 diegoMove TV input new_handle static function to tv.c and...
2010-09-11 diegoMove TV input free_handle static function to tv.c and...
2010-06-13 reimarFix function pointer types in tvi_functions struct
2010-02-26 diegoDo not cast the results of malloc/calloc/realloc.
2010-01-17 reimarAdd hack to fix tvi_dshow compilation with 64-bit MinGW
2010-01-17 reimarChange GUID declarations in tvi_dshow so they are not...
2010-01-02 reimarSeveral hacks to fix compilation of tvi_dshow on MinGW64.
2009-11-07 cehoyosRemove CONFIG_TV_TELETEXT.
2009-11-07 cehoyosSeparate teletext from tv support.
2009-10-29 cehoyosAdd MSGT_TELETEXT, rename TVI_CONTROL as VBI_CONTROL...
2009-10-29 cehoyosMove teletext specific code from stream into libmpcodecs.
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-02-16 diegoReplace double semicolon by single semicolon.
2008-10-13 diegoRemove unused function, fixes the warning:
2008-09-24 voroshilAdd debug message about loaded frequency tables.
2008-09-24 voroshilMake output messages of frequency selection code more...
2008-09-24 voroshilFix overflow in frequency conversion code inside tvi_dshow.
2008-08-03 diegoChange a bunch of video/audio-output-specific preproces...
2008-05-16 diegocosmetics: Remove useless parentheses from return state...
2008-05-14 diegoUse standard license headers with standard formatting.
2008-01-13 reimarMake all tvi_info_t const
2007-11-24 voroshilRevert r25089 (Ignore video formats which are supported...
2007-11-24 voroshilMove requested format at top and shift all oters down
2007-11-24 voroshil–°reate empty format arrays in case of error in init_cha...
2007-11-21 voroshilCompilation fix (typo)
2007-11-21 voroshilSizes of arpmt and arStreamCaps must be equal.
2007-11-20 voroshilMove code related to chain initialization and similar
2007-11-20 voroshilFix mplayer crash caused by r25116
2007-11-20 voroshilRemove no more needed check
2007-11-20 voroshilFix totally wrong (due to mess of brackets) structures...
2007-11-20 voroshilReplace several parameters for get_available_formats_stream
2007-11-19 voroshilNew routine for reconnecting two pins with new media...
2007-11-19 voroshilMove pointer to SampleGrabber filter into chain structure.
2007-11-19 voroshilMove common chain uninit code into separate routine.
2007-11-19 voroshilpass chain structure instead of several variables to...
2007-11-19 voroshilfix missed change
2007-11-19 voroshilAdd capture filter's pointer to vbi chain structure...
2007-11-19 voroshilCode unification: get rid of local variable arpmtVBI
2007-11-19 voroshilAdd major media type to chain structure
2007-11-19 voroshilOne step of code cleanup: move all variables, related
2007-11-19 voroshil100l: Fix long standing copy-paste error:
2007-11-18 voroshilAdd all passed to VID_SET_FORMAT formats to the end of
2007-11-18 voroshilEnsure that when VID_GET_FORMAT ioctl is called,
2007-11-18 voroshil(cosmetics) Indentation fix of previous commit.
2007-11-18 voroshilNew media format negotiation code:
2007-11-18 voroshilMove setting media format code
2007-11-18 voroshilPass all available formats to chain building routine and
2007-11-18 voroshilIgnore video formats which are supported by device
2007-11-18 voroshilFix crash when pin connection fails.
2007-11-18 voroshilPrevent chains from building more than once.
2007-11-18 voroshilHandle "out of memory" error.
2007-11-18 voroshilMove chains building code into separate routines.
2007-11-17 voroshil(cosmetics) Lookup table alignment.
2007-11-17 voroshilService routine for constructing AM_MEDIA_TYPE structur...
2007-11-17 voroshilDisable terminating directshow chains with NullRenderer...
2007-11-17 voroshilFix bogus bits per pixel values in lookup table.
2007-11-17 voroshil(cosmetics) Indentation fix
2007-11-16 voroshilMake sure that mplayer will receive actual media type
2007-11-16 voroshilFix FPS from bitrate calculation (was 8 times larger...
2007-11-14 voroshilNot all cards supports changing country code.
2007-10-13 voroshilDirectShow based tv:// driver for win32