Add missing strings.h #includes for strcasecmp().
[mplayer.git] / sub / subassconvert.c
2013-03-17 diegoAdd missing strings.h #includes for strcasecmp().
2012-08-10 cboeschsubassconvert: better handling of invalid SubRip tag...
2012-06-24 cehoyosAdd a few new CSS colors.
2012-06-24 cehoyosOrder colour names alphabetically / better match W3...
2012-04-07 cboeschsubassconvert: use standard struct zero init.
2012-04-07 cboeschsubassconvert: handle "\r\n" line ends
2010-10-27 reimarDo not use a path for including files in the same direc...
2010-10-27 cigaesMove ass_mp.[ch] to the sub directory.