remove xvid3's quant_range, move xvid4 [min|max]_[i|p|b]quant options there instead
[mplayer.git] / DOCS / man / en / mplayer.1
2006-11-18 gpoirierremove xvid3's quant_range, move xvid4 [min|max]_[i...
2006-11-18 gpoirierXvid3 support is no more: Remove Xvid3-specific options
2006-11-18 voroshilAdd *BSD BT848 radio support
2006-11-17 reimarSince vobsub_lang and sub_select do the same, 'b' and...
2006-11-16 kraymerdocument new key binding for switching video streams...
2006-11-13 reimarMissing : in -vf expand ar example
2006-11-13 kraymerrename: XviD -> Xvid
2006-11-12 reimarClarify -dumpaudio, it is not useful normally
2006-11-08 voroshilAdding ability to check allowed frequency range.
2006-11-08 corey- explain lavc lmin option more clearly
2006-11-06 diegoRemove remnants of long-gone libfame.
2006-11-05 nicodvbspellfix and improvement suggested by Wanderer
2006-11-05 diegoconsistency/grammar
2006-11-05 nicodvbreccomend the usage of :tsaf with :format=dvd in ...
2006-11-04 reimarClarify state of openal ao.
2006-11-03 diegoDocument ao_openal.
2006-11-03 kraymerfix typo
2006-11-03 diegolibmpdvdkit2 --> libdvdcss
2006-11-03 diegotypo, roff markup
2006-11-03 uaubetter description for -correct-pts
2006-10-30 diegowording/roff fix
2006-10-30 eugeniAn example of using -vf ass.
2006-10-29 reimarWarn about vo_gl scaled-osd broken with -ass
2006-10-25 ods15finally document -correct-pts
2006-10-23 nicodvb-chapter works with dvd:// and dvdnav://
2006-10-22 kraymercapitalization at beginning of sentence
2006-10-22 rtogniWarn about dangers of -use-filedir-conf option
2006-10-22 diegoMake documentation links point to the online version.
2006-10-21 kraymerescape -mf
2006-10-21 pttadded a ". ..." line before gmplayer
2006-10-20 diegoGreatly simplify synopsis roff markup and add a bit...
2006-10-17 lorenmvf uspp description: it now uses snow, not mpeg4
2006-10-17 kraymerrewording of config file usage
2006-10-17 kraymermention new -use-filedir-conf option in general config...
2006-10-16 gpoirierUse American spelling of "gray" instead for British...
2006-10-16 diegosmall grammar fix
2006-10-15 rtogniDisable loading of file-specific configuration file...
2006-10-15 diegobump date, small consistency fix
2006-10-15 kraymerescape - (bobdeint)
2006-10-15 reimarImplement bob (pseudo?) deinterlacing for xvmc.
2006-10-15 diegoEscape some more - signs.
2006-10-12 pttsome little consistency fixes
2006-10-12 diegoSome more consistency for the -pvr options, typo.
2006-10-09 pttlittle typo fixes
2006-10-05 lorenmdocument new x264 options through r579. (ssim, interlac...
2006-10-05 lorenmRemove the x264 option parser, and pass the options...
2006-10-04 diegoMark ao_sdl as SDL-only.
2006-10-04 diegoAdd SDL-specific keys.
2006-10-04 nicodvbfaacopts :object is in the range 1..4, not 0..3
2006-10-03 kraymerremove trailing periods in listing, insert dashes for...
2006-09-29 bencorrect parameter value case for -pvr vmode option
2006-09-27 benupdated en and fr man pages with changes introduced...
2006-09-25 pttafter a long time, finally i could add -endpos option...
2006-09-22 diegoFix typos noticed by Paul TT.
2006-09-18 cladischWhen the hardware sample format is AC3, do not force...
2006-09-18 diegoShorten scale filter parameter names to avoid excessive...
2006-09-16 diegoWording improvements, document only one half of -mouse...
2006-09-16 nicodvbdocumented -[no]mouse-movements
2006-09-15 eugeniAdd repeated screenshot mode to vf_screenshot.
2006-09-10 diegosmall wording/spelling fixes
2006-09-10 nicodvbkeypad 7 returns to nearest dvdnav menu
2006-09-09 nicodvbmention dvdnav keys bindings
2006-09-09 nicodvbmention that 'h' and 'k' work with dvb input, too
2006-09-09 uau-nortc is now the default, document -rtc instead. Chang...
2006-09-08 gpoirierAdd a bit of doc about dvdnav support in MPlayer, and...
2006-09-05 kraymerinsert linebreak
2006-09-04 eugeniAdd -ass-styles man page entry.
2006-09-03 diegosmall markup/grammar fix
2006-09-03 eugeniass-color and ass-border-color options.
2006-09-01 diegoDocument (no)global x264 encoding option.
2006-08-30 nicodvbdocumented -lavfdopts
2006-08-29 diegoImprove radio section.
2006-08-29 kraymerfixe some typos and formatting of -radio entry
2006-08-28 reimarRadio support, patch by Vladimir Voroshilov (voroshil...
2006-08-28 diegoAdd missing backslashes.
2006-08-28 eugeniAdd -(no)ass-use-margins option.
2006-08-23 diegoPut -ass options in alphabetical order.
2006-08-23 diegosyntax/consistency fix
2006-08-22 eugeniAdd -ass-force-style to man page.
2006-08-22 diegoEnclose all space padded headings with quotes.
2006-08-08 reimarReintroduce an ugly variant of the -gui/-nogui options.
2006-08-06 eugeniAdd matroska chapter seeking capability.
2006-08-01 nicodvbclarification on -mpegopts :vaspect
2006-07-31 diegoNew sentences should start on a new line.
2006-07-31 nicodvbdon't use vaspect on mpeg1 video streams
2006-07-31 attilaMove the section describing the per movie config files
2006-07-29 bentypo fix
2006-07-29 benmissed some escaping
2006-07-29 benuse DOCS writing standards for default values (asked...
2006-07-29 benenglish manpage for pvr:// input
2006-07-28 benupdated en/fr manpages for ao_ivtv
2006-07-28 nicodvbremoved default outfile for -ao mpegpes
2006-07-27 diegoImprove ao_mpegpes description.
2006-07-26 diegodescription of the arnd scale video filter parameter
2006-07-26 nicodvbnew -ao mpegpes options
2006-07-24 corey- Add missing "00" in -af pan usage line.
2006-07-22 diegocosmetics/punctuation/spelling
2006-07-21 benupdated english man page with vo_ivtv description
2006-07-18 kraymermove -ass on top of -ass-* options
2006-07-18 rfelker10l to someone..