Add missing string.h #include to fix a bunch of implicit declaration warnings.
[mplayer.git] / TOOLS / fastmemcpybench.c
2008-04-30 diegoMark all functions that are only used within the file...
2007-08-27 diegoRemove unused #include.
2007-08-27 diegowarning fix:
2007-08-27 diegowarning fix:
2005-11-18 diegoUnify include path handling by using -I.
2004-11-01 rathannsmall compilation fix
2001-11-23 michaelbugfix
2001-11-23 michaelmissaligned arrays, as nick requested
2001-11-22 michaelnewly allocated memory seems to point to only 1 zero...
2001-05-02 nickols_kslight proofreading
2001-04-22 arpi_espadded mga_vid support (systemram->videoram tests)
2001-04-21 atmosfearInitial release, used to benchmark fastmemcpy.h code...