Move fonts-related code to a separate file.
[mplayer.git] / libass / Makefile
2006-11-26 eugeniMove fonts-related code to a separate file.
2006-11-26 diegoMerge common parts of all Makefiles into one file inclu...
2006-11-25 diegoSRCS should be one per line to make patches more readable.
2006-11-25 diegoRemove pointless indirection.
2006-11-25 diegoRemove superfluous comment.
2006-11-20 diegoUnify dep/depend targets.
2006-10-28 eugeniLibass interface reworked:
2006-09-16 eugeniStore bitmap glyphs in a separate struct, instead of...
2006-08-17 diegoMove all internal -I parameters to the front of CFLAGS...
2006-07-27 diegoUnify include paths in the build system, part I.
2006-07-12 diegoOPTFLAGS already includes EXTRA_INC.
2006-07-07 eugeniInitial libass release (without mencoder support).