removed #ifdefs that are already handled by libao2/afmt.h
[mplayer.git] / libmpcodecs / dec_audio.c
2004-05-14 reimarremoved #ifdefs that are already handled by libao2...
2004-05-01 rfelker10l
2004-01-27 rfelkernot pretty, but at least it prevents the channels from...
2004-01-27 rfelker10l
2003-09-02 alexminor leak fix
2003-08-22 diegocodecs.conf is obsolete.
2003-01-28 arpi1000l bug (double free() when libaf init failed)
2003-01-19 henry10l
2003-01-18 arpi2-pass libaf initialization to get better filter chain.
2003-01-17 andersAdding support for more logical libaf configuration
2002-11-12 andersNew features:
2002-11-11 alexdlopen() support for ad and vd
2002-11-06 arpi*HUGE* set of compiler warning fixes, unused variables...
2002-11-01 arpiverbose can be negative
2002-10-08 arpireset channels too
2002-10-06 andersAdding -format and -af switches
2002-10-05 arpiaufio filter layer (libaf) integration to libmpcodecs...
2002-09-29 arpiremoved obsolote func, some cosmetics of AUDIO: msg
2002-09-28 arpi-ac/-afm rewrite, now works the same way as -vc/-vfm
2002-09-25 arpibest audio/video codec selection & init moved to libmpc...
2002-09-01 arpifixed uninit order
2002-08-31 arpi-afm/-vfm help implemenetd, some cosmetics of ad/vd...
2002-08-30 arpi-afm/-vfm migration from ID (int) to NAME (string)...
2002-08-13 jafmessages moved from dec_??d?o.c
2002-05-25 alextypo
2002-05-20 arpibig cosmetics patch, cleanup of messages printed by...
2002-05-12 arpialways reser audio input buffer pointer
2002-05-02 albeuprintf to mp_msg
2002-04-01 arpiaudio input buffer allocation/free cleanup
2002-03-25 arpiimporetd from MPlayerXP, with small modification