Update internal libmpeg2 copy to version 0.5.1.
[mplayer.git] / libmpeg2 / mpeg2.h
2008-09-13 diegoUpdate internal libmpeg2 copy to version 0.5.1.
2008-09-13 diegolibmpeg-0.4.1.diff was renamed to libmpeg2_changes...
2008-02-23 diegoProperly detect ARM mc acceleration.
2006-12-09 henrysync to libmpeg2-0.4.1
2006-06-22 diegoCVS --> Subversion in copyright notices
2006-06-16 gpoirierUse MPlayer's CPU detection module instead of libmpeg2's,
2005-02-19 diegoMark locally modified files as such to comply more...
2004-08-02 henryImporting libmpeg2 from mpeg2dec-0.4.0b
2003-08-03 ranmaExport flags needed for softpulldown filter.
2003-04-06 arpiImporting libmpeg2 from mpeg2dec-0.3.1
2001-10-02 arpi-Wall warnings fixed
2001-07-08 arpivideo codec stuff moved to dec_video.c
2001-06-03 arpi_esp-framedrop worx fro mpeg files
2001-03-04 arpi_esplibmpeg2-0.2.0 merge
2001-02-24 arpi_espInitial revision