update to libnut API, non-negative errors
[mplayer.git] / libmpdemux / demux_nut.c
2006-11-16 ods15update to libnut API, non-negative errors
2006-11-15 ods15update to libnut, no nut_skip_packet()
2006-11-15 ods15update to libnut API, don't free the streams
2006-11-14 ods15update to libnut, add cache_syncpoints
2006-11-14 ods15update to libnut, rename nut.h->libnut.h
2006-11-12 ods15change include "nut.h" to <nut.h> to make gcc pick...
2006-11-10 ods15shut warning on "realloc undefined" in demuxer.h
2006-11-10 ods15update libnut API
2006-09-23 ods15simplifications, any error from libnut is fatal
2006-09-23 ods15sync to new libnut
2006-09-17 ods15Add demux_nut to MPlayer repo