Make AddMenuItem(), AddSubMenu() and AddSeparator() static.
[mplayer.git] / AUTHORS
2016-02-07 reimarChange my email to one that actually still works.
2012-09-24 compnchange my display name in authors, getting too much...
2011-05-23 cigaesAdd myself to the AUTHORS file.
2010-12-15 diegoCredit Compn for some of his work.
2010-12-03 compnmark myself as bugzilla admin and mailing list moderator
2010-09-08 reimarAdd synchronization of multiple MPlayer instances over...
2010-05-29 siretartminor spelling fixes
2010-05-29 siretartadd myself to the AUTHORS file
2010-04-11 cehoyosAdd slave commands for loading and unloading audio...
2010-02-22 tackUpdate my (Jason Tackaberry) email address and contribu...
2009-11-16 pttadded -name, -title, -use-filename-title options to...
2009-05-04 diegoRename macosx video output driver to corevideo.
2009-05-04 diegoRename macosx audio output driver to coreaudio.
2009-03-11 diegoUpdate email address for Vajna, Miklós.
2009-02-23 jrashadd Zhu Tian (JRaSH) as Chinese document translator
2009-02-15 bircophFix spelling: "whom" should be used instead of "which...
2009-02-15 bircophRemove the reference to history.html because history...
2009-02-15 bircophRedescribe "parse system" with more clear and understan...
2009-02-15 bircophUpdate info about contributions.
2009-02-14 compntimebomb made some swscale AltiVec fixes
2008-11-18 reimarDirect3D based video_out module.
2008-05-31 diegoChange spelling of XviD to Xvid as has already been...
2008-05-28 iiveRevert commit r26897.
2008-05-27 diegocosmetics: XviD --> Xvid
2008-05-18 benDeclare new Linux AppleIR remote support.
2008-05-10 diegoSimplify AltiVec compiler flag test.
2008-01-15 pttupdated my mail address
2007-11-27 ulionAdded myself, as suggested by Diego.
2007-10-18 reimarReplace Polyp- by PulseAudio output.
2007-10-13 voroshilAdd me as author of dshow tv:// driver
2007-10-02 diegocosmetics: Fix AltiVec spelling.
2007-09-25 diegoAdd IRC nick for Gianluigi Tiesi.
2007-09-19 diegoI have overhauled the build system.
2007-09-08 voroshilAdd "teletext patches" string to Otvos Attila's list
2007-08-30 cehoyosAdded Sun VO driver for Denes Balatoni
2007-08-18 nplourdeadded proper e-mail address
2007-06-21 pttelected me as italian docs translation mantainer, so...
2007-05-31 mhoffmanAdding myself to the authors page.
2007-05-08 benadded my latest contribution to VIDIX in AUTHORS file
2007-05-08 benadded Sven latest contribution to AUTHORS file
2007-05-02 diegoFix commit nick.
2007-03-18 cehoyosAdded myself, as suggested by Diego
2007-02-27 diegoAdd commit nick for Rik Snel.
2007-02-15 compnfix my entry to authors
2007-01-16 gpoirierspeeds up mplayer execution by over FIVE times when...
2007-01-14 diegoMove Paolo Tresoldi out of the GUI skin section.
2007-01-14 voroshilAdding me and Andrew Savchenko as authors of Russian...
2006-11-04 henrychanged email address
2006-10-22 diegoUpdate Andrew Weber's Email address.
2006-10-08 pttadded myself to AUTHORS, as diego told me on 2006/09...
2006-09-05 kraymermy old email address is not really in use any more..
2006-09-01 rikadding myself to the files in relevant places
2006-08-28 reimarForgot that AUTHORS has multiple sections and ended...
2006-08-28 reimarRadio support, patch by Vladimir Voroshilov (voroshil...
2006-08-06 eugeniMention mkv chapter seeking in ChangeLog and AUTHORS.
2006-08-04 benadded recent changes with independant stream layer...
2006-08-04 benrtsp is a stream layer not demuxer
2006-07-28 benao_ivtv driver in authors/maintainers files
2006-07-19 benadded reference to ivtv vo driver
2006-07-15 reynaldominor arrangements to my entry
2006-07-15 reynaldoadd stefan to AUTHORS file for his several cleanup...
2006-07-15 ivotypo
2006-07-15 ivonew black frame detection filter
2006-07-10 benappended pvr support in AUTHORS file
2006-07-09 eugeniAdd my IRC nick.
2006-07-08 eugeniAdd myself to AUTHORS.
2006-06-28 pacmanClear up the "who is pacman / who is tcsetattr?" mystery
2006-06-23 benadded myself to AUTHORS file
2006-06-09 kraymeradd Kurt Lettmaier to AUTHORS
2006-05-17 gpoirierAdd YUY2 and back end scaling on S3 Virge chips in...
2006-05-13 reynaldoNew karaoke af
2006-04-29 iiveAdding transliteration (english spelling) of my name
2006-04-24 reynaldoAdding Otvos Attila to authors list
2006-04-24 rtognimpAdd exg
2006-04-24 rtognimpAdd uau
2006-04-08 iiveput my name in native language, remove some obsolate...
2006-04-06 pacmanadded myself
2006-04-05 henryCzechification.
2006-04-05 alexupdate lez's email
2006-04-04 rathannUTF8-ize, patch by İsmail Dönmez \ismail & pardus...
2006-03-01 diegoNew website structure, the /homepage subdirectory is...
2006-01-20 diegoAdd Derek Lewis, patch by himself.
2005-12-18 diegocredits for Onur, patch by himself
2005-12-08 gpoirierBye-bye old email address, I'm a student no more!! :-P
2005-11-25 diegoskin authors, trailing whitespace cosmetics
2005-11-24 diegoproductive skin
2005-11-21 nicodvbbuffering in the muxer layer; patch by Corey Hickey...
2005-11-05 reimarSpeex support. Seeking and pts generation does not...
2005-10-29 reynaldoUpdating little things I have done so far
2005-10-01 reimarAdd Compn, expert at wrangling useful bugreports from...
2005-09-25 reimarlittle update
2005-09-23 rsf"LIVE.COM Streaming Media" is now called "LIVE555 Strea...
2005-09-13 gpoirieradds Simple, Advanced Simple and DivX profile support...
2005-09-04 gpoirierMPlayer advanced audio usage guide by Corey Hickey...
2005-09-02 diegotypo
2005-07-22 ods15some new stuff worth mentioning.
2005-07-10 reimarmusepack demuxing and decoding support (demuxing is...
2005-06-30 diegoone more nick
2005-06-19 ranmaFix email address
2005-06-12 diegoupdates