Make AddMenuItem(), AddSubMenu() and AddSeparator() static.
[mplayer.git] / libmpdemux /
2018-01-16 aldemux_mng,vo_mng: Avoid inclusion of jpeg.h
2018-01-06 almuxer_avi: Remove needless memset to 0 after calloc
2017-11-16 aldemux lavf: mp_read: Propagate EOF
2017-10-22 alFix build after FFmpeg major bump
2017-10-03 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2017-10-03 ibAccept ReplayGain information from arbitrary encoders.
2017-04-29 reimartiming: pass through endpts and time last frame correctly.
2017-04-26 ibAdd a DEMUXER_CTRL to get the ReplayGain.
2017-02-01 compndemux: make lavf default flac demuxer
2017-01-04 ibEnable demuxer_get_percent_pos() for FLAC audio.
2016-07-21 reimardemux_gif: use calloc, set biSize correctly.
2016-05-20 rtogniFix playback of hls stream where url is longer than...
2016-04-28 rtogniValidate image size in demux_gif
2016-03-22 reimardemuxer.c: Apply -ni option more aggressively.
2016-03-06 reimarPrint warning when we seem to have bad interleaving.
2016-03-06 reimarBump maximum number of decoding threads a bit.
2016-02-26 reimaraviheader: check fread result when reading index file.
2016-02-26 reimardemux_mkv_read_block_lacing: add range checks.
2016-02-26 reimardemux_ty: Try to fix calculation of used file size.
2016-02-25 reimarFix flip behaviour for RAW formats.
2016-02-25 reimardemux_lavf: improve raw format handling.
2016-02-21 rtogniDrop more useless ifdefs on LIBAVUTIL_VERSION_MICRO
2016-02-20 reimardemuxer: fall back to audio pts if all others are unava...
2016-02-20 reimardemux_mkv: avoid out-of-range array reads.
2016-02-20 reimardemux_mkv: Use calloc.
2016-02-20 reimardemux_mpg: Limit how much data probing reads.
2016-02-20 reimarUse calloc over malloc.
2016-02-14 reimarmuxer_avi: remove pointless check for video stream.
2016-02-14 reimardemux_asf: remove dead code.
2016-02-14 reimardemux_mf: check fread number of bytes read.
2016-02-14 reimaraviheader: check fread result instead of feof.
2016-02-14 reimardemux_mov: improve loop limit check.
2016-02-14 reimardemux_ts: remove pointless condition.
2016-02-12 reimarmf.c: check for stat() failure.
2016-02-12 reimardemux_mf: check for stat failure.
2016-02-12 reimarebml.c: Fix memleak in header reading.
2016-02-11 rtogniFix support for FFmpeg ADPCM PSX audio
2016-02-11 reimardemux_gif: add const to avoid warning.
2016-02-11 reimardemux_gif: Fix memleak on error.
2016-02-11 reimardemux_mkv: Fix memleak.
2016-02-11 reimardemux_mkv: Fix memleak with multiple CHAPSTRING.
2016-02-10 reimardemux_ogg: avoid negative memcpy length.
2016-02-10 reimardemux_viv: Add some missing EOF checks.
2016-02-09 reimarvideo.c: Fix || when && was meant in HEVC splitter.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_mov: Limit codecdata_len to valid range.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_mov: Make check overflow-safe.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_mov: Move sanity check one level up.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_mov: add local variable to deobfuscate code.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_mov: Fix checks to avoid overflows.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_ty: change input validation so Coverity detects it.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_mkv: Add range checks.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_mkv: fix some error handling memleaks.
2016-02-09 reimardemux_avi: Avoid potential division by 0.
2016-02-09 reimarRemove pointless assignments.
2016-02-08 reimarMove variable into more local scope.
2016-02-08 reimarMove HAVE_GLOB check into osdep.
2016-01-04 rtognidemux_gif: do not crash on broken graphic extension...
2016-01-04 rtogniMake gif detection more robust in demuxer_gif.
2016-01-04 rtognidemux_gif: do not crash on missing colormap.
2015-12-30 rtogniAdd support for audio codecs:
2015-11-24 rtogniAdd support for video codecs:
2015-10-17 rtogniAutodetect HLS/Applehttp streams and play them using...
2015-10-03 cehoyosSupport little-endian THP ADPCM.
2015-09-27 rtogniSkip over flac metadata instead of sending it to the...
2015-08-17 rtogniStop using deprecatet AVPacket.destruct
2015-08-08 rtogniReplace deprecated AV_CODEC_ID_VIMA with AV_CODEC_ID_AD...
2015-08-01 reimarAdd AV_ prefix to all PIX_FMT constants used.
2015-08-01 reimardemux_lavf: print both stream and codec aspect.
2015-07-20 alstream/genres: Once more fix typo "Psychadelic"
2015-05-12 cigaesmplayer: fix buffer handling during channel change.
2015-02-02 reimardemux_mkv: Add HEVC and VP9 support, the latter untested.
2015-01-22 SubJunkFixed support for DVD audio
2014-12-30 reimardemux_avi: Force libavformat if -novideo was used.
2014-12-30 reimardemux_avi: Minor simplification.
2014-12-30 reimardemux_avi.c: Simplify - reuse existing local variables.
2014-12-30 reimardemux_mpg: if ps_probe is set, also probe for audio...
2014-12-30 reimardemux_avi.c: Minor simplification.
2014-12-30 reimardemux_asf.c: Minor simplification.
2014-12-06 reimardemux_mpg: remove pointless code that causes us to...
2014-12-06 reimardemux_mpg: reset "synced" after seek.
2014-12-06 reimardemux_mpg: reset eof flags more consistently.
2014-12-06 reimardemux_mpg: Fix MPEG-2 with many slices misdetected...
2014-10-25 aldemux_lavf: Also add AV_CODEC_ID_OTF attachments
2014-10-25 reimarstream: Fix unreliable probe behaviour on non-seekable...
2014-10-23 reimardemux_ogg: Hacky, not-quite-correct support for Opus.
2014-10-22 reimardemux_ts: Do not claim PGS subtitles are teletext in...
2014-10-19 cehoyosSupport mpegts/hevc streams with -demuxer lavf.
2014-10-18 reimarvideo.c: rework H.264 parser and add very basic HEVC...
2014-10-18 reimardemux_ts: Support HEVC signalled by 0x24 ISO type.
2014-10-05 alFix build for GIFLIB versions 5.1 and higher
2014-09-28 reimardemux_lavf: set stream_pts if possible.
2014-09-17 reimarlavf: fix AVSEEK_SIZE when STREAM_CTRL_GET_SIZE is...
2014-08-31 reimarSupport -ni option for all formats.
2014-08-11 reimarMake sure AVProbeData is initialized.
2014-05-27 reimardemux_ts: Pass through the stream pts.
2014-05-27 reimardemuxer: Fall back to asking the stream layer for length.
2014-05-13 reimardemux_real: always select a stream to play if available.
2014-05-13 reimardemux_real: remove code that new_sh_* already handles.
2014-05-13 reimardemux_real: Improve buffer allocation for interleaved...
2014-04-06 reimarrawdv: check for dv_decoder_new failure.