Make AddMenuItem(), AddSubMenu() and AddSeparator() static.
[mplayer.git] / mplayer.c
2017-09-26 ibAvoid nonsensical elapsed time.
2017-09-09 almplayer: Fix audio-only seeking
2017-08-30 reimarRestore frametime on seek.
2017-04-29 reimartiming: pass through endpts and time last frame correctly.
2017-04-29 reimarmplayer.c: Fix timing of first frame.
2016-03-06 reimarcodec-cfg: Optimize built-in codecs format.
2016-03-02 reimarmp_msg: free iconv contexts at exit.
2016-03-02 reimarmencoder: call at least a bit of uninit/memory free...
2016-02-20 reimarFix -subcp enca: with external ASS subtitles.
2016-02-14 reimarmplayer.c: more thoroughly check rtc return value.
2016-02-10 reimarSupport playing late appearing video streams.
2016-02-10 reimarmplayer.c: fix reinit_video_chain.
2015-06-10 reimarApply osd_duration also to progress bar.
2015-05-12 cigaesmplayer: fix buffer handling during channel change.
2015-04-15 reimarReinstall SIGCHLD handler after handling the signal.
2014-10-25 alPass application/ attachments to libass
2014-08-31 reimarDouble-check that we are really at audio EOF by trying...
2014-08-17 ibEnsure up-to-dateness of global_sub information upon...
2014-04-06 reimarmplayer: Fix potential NULL dereference.
2014-03-22 ibCosmetic: Rename GUI_SET_MIXER GUI_SET_VOLUME_BALANCE.
2014-03-21 ibCosmetic: Rename symbolic constant GUI_END_FILE GUI_END...
2014-03-21 ibCosmetic: Rename guiInfo member NewPlay MediumChanged.
2014-03-21 ibCosmetic: Rename symbolic constants GUI_FILE_SAME and...
2014-03-04 reimarEnsure that DVD highlight is really removed on switchin...
2014-02-26 reimarFor -dump* to retry once of it reached EOF before writi...
2014-02-26 reimarUse select_audio/select_video to disable unused streams.
2014-02-16 reimarAvoid many pointer cast warnings.
2014-02-14 reimarRemove DVDNAV audio reset code to avoid issues on title...
2014-02-02 ibAdd support for default of multiple video tracks.
2014-01-20 reimarmplayer: Simplify initial playtree/file code.
2014-01-20 reimarmplayer.c: Minor loop simplification.
2014-01-20 reimarprint_file_info: Do not assume we have a demuxer.
2014-01-18 reimarFully reinit audio chain on format change.
2013-12-17 ibGet rid of guiInfo member afilter.
2013-12-17 ibAdd mpctx_get_stream().
2013-12-17 ibAdd mpctx_get_global_sub_pos().
2013-12-17 ibProvide GUI_SET_MIXER call with argument.
2013-11-09 reimarMove cast to right place to avoid warning.
2013-11-09 reimarPrefer -title if given for audio output name.
2013-11-08 almplayer: Fix a crash seeking with -chapter and -ass
2013-09-22 reimarPass playing filename to audio outputs.
2013-08-25 reimarSupport -alang and -slang for bluray://
2013-08-12 reimarFix possible hang bug with -ao pcm.
2013-08-12 reimarDo not increment frame drop count when at EOF.
2013-08-01 ibRemove GUI_HANDLE_EVENTS.
2013-08-01 ibPlace GUI_HANDLE_EVENTS calls after GUI_REDRAW calls.
2013-08-01 ibRemove needless GUI_HANDLE_EVENTS call.
2013-05-05 reimarAllow parsing arbitrary files as playlist only
2013-04-04 ibCosmetic: Rename GMPlayer definition gmplayer.
2013-04-03 reimarAdd limited -endpos support when dumping.
2013-03-30 reimarAdd -heartbeat-interval option.
2013-03-17 diegoAdd missing strings.h #includes for strcasecmp().
2013-03-14 reimarWin32: support file names with characters outside syste...
2012-12-15 reimarAttempt to fix -loop (when written after the file name...
2012-12-15 reimarAllow -ss 0 to seek to pts 0 instead of disabling seeking.
2012-12-05 ibCombine guiPlaylistInitialize() and guiPlaylistAdd().
2012-11-25 reimarDisable frame dropping for codec delay flush.
2012-11-25 reimarReact more smoothly to user input/window redraw requests
2012-10-01 reimarAvoid sleeping for too long without reacting to user...
2012-09-17 reimarSupport pausing prefix also in idle mode.
2012-05-30 ibAllow plain text playlists for the GUI.
2012-05-30 reimarAnother attempt at clearing DVDNAV highlights, this
2012-05-15 reimarDo not override mpctx->stream during free_demuxer.
2012-04-20 reimarUse a local variable to reduce some code clutter.
2012-04-15 reimarFix dvdnav case to not leave "flush" uninitialized.
2012-04-15 reimarDecode last frames for codecs with delay.
2012-04-15 reimarFix hang when video pts suddenly jumps to match audio...
2012-03-04 reimarAllow using a cache size of up to 4 TB.
2012-02-12 ibRevert one change of r34694.
2012-02-12 ibMake mplayer.c messages translatable.
2012-02-12 reimarTry to detect when an audio driver ends up hanging...
2012-01-19 reimarFix per-file ASS options like -ass-force-style.
2011-12-11 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2011-12-11 ibEnable gui slave commands.
2011-12-05 reimarFix OSD time and e.g. frame number displayed with osd_f...
2011-11-15 cigaesOSD fractions: do not round up decimals
2011-10-25 reimarSanitize include option behaviour.
2011-10-16 ibAdd comment.
2011-10-15 ibPort to Wine.
2011-10-15 ibEnsure that filename related config will always be...
2011-10-15 ibAllow GUI to use filename related config.
2011-09-30 ibRemove needless code.
2011-09-28 ibCorrect comment on playtree and playtree_iter in connec...
2011-09-27 ibRemove gui() instruction GUI_SET_FILE.
2011-08-18 reimarRemove strange pts locking code that would never really...
2011-08-12 ibCosmetic: Rename some guiInfo members.
2011-08-12 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent and remove braces.
2011-08-12 ibRemove needless guiInfo member DiskChanged.
2011-08-12 ibRemove pointless condition.
2011-08-12 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2011-08-12 ibRemove unneeded variable and simplify code.
2011-08-11 diegoMove cfg_inc_verbose and cfg_include into mpcommon.c.
2011-08-11 ibGet rid of a bunch of needless or redundant guiInfo...
2011-08-10 cboeschmplayer: small indent fix.
2011-07-24 diegoDo not translate console messages of verbosity level...
2011-07-07 ibCosmetic: Rename the GUI playlist functions.
2011-07-05 ibRename GUI playtree import functions.
2011-07-05 ibMake guiEventHandling() a gui() call.
2011-07-05 ibCosmetic: Change prefix for symbolic constants from...
2011-07-05 ibRename the gui() symbolic constants.