2020-10-11 komhloader: fix compilation master
2020-08-30 reimarconfigure: check that stdatomic.h actually works correctly.
2020-08-30 reimarChangelog: update for changes in default Arm compilatio...
2020-08-30 reimarconfigure: allow using --enable-runtime-cpudetection...
2020-08-30 reimarconfigure: Fix arm CPU extension selection
2020-08-21 alconfigure: Fix build with newer internal FFmpeg
2020-06-14 reimarRemove usage of memalign.
2020-06-06 reimarosd.c: Disable SSE2 optimization on 32-bit Windows.
2020-06-06 reimarmenu.c: add missing libavutil/mem.h include for DECLARE...
2020-06-06 reimarconfigure: fix FFmpeg compilation when zlib is not...
2020-05-28 reimarmenu.c: optimize libmenu box drawing.
2020-05-27 reimarFix crashes due to insufficient alignment.
2020-05-26 alconfigure: Make strip tool configurable
2020-05-23 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg encoder wrappers for MediaFou...
2020-03-03 ibFix linking error of the non-GUI Wine build.
2020-03-03 ibFix compilation of the Win32 GUI Wine build.
2020-03-03 ibFix compilation of non-X11 OpenGL video output driver.
2020-02-21 compncodecs.conf: add ffcanopus hqx codec, fixes trac #2327
2020-02-21 compncodecs.conf: add ffsiren for vivo and msn audio files
2020-02-09 ibImprove the X error messages.
2020-02-06 ibRemove pcm from the GUI's audio driver list.
2020-02-06 ibRevert r38168.
2020-02-06 ibRename gl_vinfo gui_vinfo.
2020-02-06 ibFix passing visual information to OpenGL video output...
2020-02-04 ibPass visual information to OpenGL video output driver...
2020-02-04 ibAdd VOCTRL_GUISUPPORT.
2020-02-04 ibReplace variable gtkLoadFullscreen by MPlayer's fullscreen.
2020-02-04 ibFix fullscreen button.
2020-02-02 alstream/http: Handover redirects-to-HTTPS to other strea...
2020-02-02 alstream_ffmpeg: Handle HTTP protocol too
2020-02-01 ibAdd VOCTRL_GUISUPPORT to video output drivers which...
2020-02-01 ibChange the order of two drivers.
2020-02-01 ibRemove the (broken?) mpegpes from the GUI's audio drive...
2020-02-01 ibIncrease the column width for the driver names.
2020-01-31 ibClear screen when switching to fullscreen mode using...
2020-01-31 ibFix wrong video window size.
2020-01-20 alstream_ffmpeg: Add gopher to the supported protocols
2020-01-15 alconfigure: Detect libaom and enable the lavc libaom...
2020-01-15 alconfigure: Detect libdav1d and enable the lavc libdav1d...
2020-01-13 alDOCS/man/en/mplayer: Update limit for lavc threads...
2020-01-01 ibUpdate year.
2019-12-24 alcodecs.conf: Bump version
2019-12-24 alcodecs.conf: Add AOM AV1 decoder via FFmpeg
2019-12-24 alcodecs.conf: Add AV1 decoder dav1d via FFmpeg
2019-11-17 reimarcodecs: split ffmpeg12vdpau
2019-11-17 reimarvo_vdpau: SSE2 optimization of OSD code.
2019-09-27 reimardemux_lavf: sanity-check stream ID before using it.
2019-08-22 iiveFix building with new FFmpeg.
2019-07-04 reimarspudec: Increase image data alignment to 16 bytes.
2019-07-04 reimarosd_template: fix possible subtitle corruption.
2019-06-28 alRemove ivtv ao and vo drivers
2019-05-29 komhkai: check boundaries more strictly
2019-05-29 komhkva: check boundaries more strictly
2019-05-27 reimarvf_eq.c, vf_eq2.c: Add SSE2 support.
2019-05-27 reimarpullup.c: Add SSE2 support to pullup filtering.
2019-05-27 reimarosd_template.c: Add intrinsic based SSE2 support.
2019-05-26 reimarconfigure: update zlib-dependent codec list.
2019-05-26 reimarconfigure: improve aarch64 handling.
2019-05-24 komhkva: fix buffer overflow
2019-05-21 reimarvf_noise: make static array const.
2019-05-20 reimarAdd check for stdatomic.h
2019-05-20 reimarFix compilation without zlib.
2019-05-20 reimarRemove use of "long double".
2019-04-19 alrelease-howto.txt: Remove freshmeat part
2019-04-19 alvo caca: Don't translate key up to key down
2019-04-18 alChangelog: Close latest open section as 1.4
2019-04-16 alChangelog: Update
2019-04-15 alconfigure: Fix reading the branch control file for...
2019-04-15 alvo_aa: Fix subtitle display
2019-03-09 ibUpdate man page.
2019-02-15 ibChange the skin browser icon.
2019-02-15 ibAdd missing language code for Norsk.
2019-01-13 compncodecs.conf: merge duplicate m100 decoders, got isom...
2019-01-12 compncodecs.conf add media100 binary codec tested working...
2019-01-01 ibUpdate year.
2018-12-15 reimarstream_bd: support new VUK storage locations of libaacs.
2018-12-15 reimarconfigure: detect struct pollfd.
2018-10-13 iiveFix build after ffmpeg commit series starting with
2018-08-31 compncodecs.conf: add ff imm4 decoder
2018-08-16 alconfigure: OS/2: remove 'T' flag from ar flags
2018-08-08 alconfigure: Search for parsers in the right file again
2018-06-10 ibAllow the GUI to overwrite option allow_playlist_parsing.
2018-06-10 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2018-06-10 ibDon't unconditionally add a file selector playlist...
2018-06-10 ibDefine variable allow_playlist_parsing globally.
2018-05-06 reimarUse thin .a files if possible.
2018-05-06 reimarMinor spelling fix.
2018-05-05 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg VapourSynth demuxer
2018-05-05 reimarUse longjmp to test OS SSE support.
2018-05-01 ibReset stream IDs on DVD title change.
2018-04-26 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2018-04-26 ibRevise DVD audio track selection.
2018-04-26 ibReset track on CD, VCD or DVD playback change.
2018-04-17 reimarconfigure: add some defines for less noisy FFmpeg compi...
2018-04-17 reimarconfigure: fix --enable-ffmpeg_so
2018-04-15 ibUpdate Changelog.
2018-04-15 ibUpdate skin documentation on image formats.
2018-04-15 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2018-04-15 ibSupport AV_PIX_FMT_PAL8.
2018-04-15 ibPass pixel format information.