2006-11-13 voroshilUpdate missing tags of previous commit
2006-11-13 voroshilr20876: rename: XviD -> Xvid
2006-11-13 reimarTry to handle oversized asf headers by ignoring anythin...
2006-11-13 reimarIncomplete support for vobsub (missing palette support...
2006-11-13 reimarMove sh_sub_t to stheader.h, where all the other sh...
2006-11-13 eugeniSupport \t with acceleration.
2006-11-13 eugeniPartial fix for semitransparent glyph outlines.
2006-11-13 reimarAdd forgotten new_sh_sub
2006-11-13 reimarMake subtitle stream handling more similar to audio...
2006-11-13 gpoirierAdd missing translated strings
2006-11-13 michaelpts definition by mans
2006-11-13 torinthielSynced with 20876
2006-11-13 torinthielPartial sync with r20879
2006-11-13 diego-vop has been deprecated a long time ago.
2006-11-13 diegovop --> vf
2006-11-13 diegoRemove/fix outdated message.
2006-11-13 diegotypo
2006-11-13 torinthiel[small fixes]
2006-11-13 torinthiel[cosmetics]
2006-11-13 kraymerr20866: Recommend gcc 3.4+.
2006-11-13 kraymerrename: XviD -> Xvid
2006-11-12 Gabrovsynced with r20873
2006-11-12 diegoupdate to 0.6.2, patch by Giacomo Comes, comes naic edu
2006-11-12 diegoMisc issues noticed by Torinthiel.
2006-11-12 reimarClarify -dumpaudio, it is not useful normally
2006-11-12 torinthielSynced with r20870
2006-11-12 diegoRestore PowerPC gcc note that I mistakenly removed.
2006-11-12 reimarFix compilation with latest libavformat/avidec.c by...
2006-11-12 ods15change include "nut.h" to <nut.h> to make gcc pick...
2006-11-12 nicodvbconsistency fix: STREAM_CTRL_GET_TIME_LENGTH and STREAM...
2006-11-12 diegoRecommend gcc 3.4+.
2006-11-12 diegoMac OS X Server support
2006-11-12 reimarffgif, fftiff and fftga support, patch by compn (tempn...
2006-11-12 diegoRemove duplicate message, the same info is printed...
2006-11-12 michaelleast restrictive dts ordering rule which ensures frame...
2006-11-11 Gabrovsynced with r20817
2006-11-11 Gabrovsynced with r20859
2006-11-11 kraymerr20834: The -gui command line option is back.
2006-11-11 kraymer1. convert single quotation mark to double one for...
2006-11-11 nicodvbremoved duplicated check in demuxer_seek_chapter
2006-11-11 nicodvbmake fail STREAM_CTRLs related to seeking/fetching...
2006-11-11 nicodvbin demux_seek() if STREAM_CTRL_SEEK_TO_CHAPTER suceeds...
2006-11-11 kraymeradd encoding info to some man pages
2006-11-11 kraymerremove very outdated and unmantained Swedish man page
2006-11-11 michaels/by/be/
2006-11-10 reimarHack to make wrapper.S be compiled again. Someone who...
2006-11-10 rtogniSkip empty lines in front of winamp playlist.
2006-11-10 voroshilr20834: The -gui command line option is back.
2006-11-10 voroshilTranslated section "VIDEO OUTPUT DRIVERS"
2006-11-10 diegotypo, wrong variable name
2006-11-10 michaelwithin array MUST for time_base_id
2006-11-10 michaelclearer time_base_id description
2006-11-10 diegoIgnore .depend.
2006-11-10 diegoAdd standard depend target.
2006-11-10 diegoRemove hack, it's only needed for...
2006-11-10 diegoUse default variable names.
2006-11-10 diegoRemove redundant variable.
2006-11-10 michaeltime_base_count
2006-11-10 michaelstream_count
2006-11-10 diegoRemove mmx.h, the licensing status was doubtful, and...
2006-11-10 diegotypo/grammar
2006-11-10 diegoThe addition of loader/ to PARTS depended on a non...
2006-11-10 diegoThe -gui command line option is back.
2006-11-10 kraymerr20774: Adding ability to check allowed frequency range.
2006-11-10 diegoMark file as UTF-8-encoded.
2006-11-10 ods15shut warning on "realloc undefined" in demuxer.h
2006-11-10 ods15update libnut API
2006-11-10 kraymersync with r20817
2006-11-10 nicodvbidenfify now shows the timings of chapters of the chose...
2006-11-09 rathannDisable linking mplayer (and internal static libavcodec...
2006-11-09 nicodvbone more deuglification
2006-11-09 nicodvbCOSMETICS: renamed dvdnav_priv to priv
2006-11-09 gpoirierput back accidentally reverted r20742 commit
2006-11-09 gpoiriersync w/ 20191, patch by Alexandre Coutherez %newt A...
2006-11-09 voroshilAdd missed 'break'.
2006-11-09 diegoAllow disabling internal libdvdcss.
2006-11-09 kraymerr20711: MSGTRs for demux_avi.c
2006-11-09 diegoRemove bogus OPTFLAGS settings.
2006-11-09 voroshilr20817: add full stop at end of sentence
2006-11-09 kraymeradd full stop at end of sentence
2006-11-09 lucabeSynch with ffmpeg's r6938 "allow spaces in source and...
2006-11-09 kraymerr20657: (does not apply)
2006-11-09 kraymercommented out broken MSGTR
2006-11-09 kraymerr20648: Document ao_openal.
2006-11-09 voroshilMove non driver-specific block to non-driver specific...
2006-11-09 uauChange some constants in pts arithmetic from float...
2006-11-09 uauChanged code that used pts=0 in demux packets to indica...
2006-11-09 diegoRevert one more local change without effect.
2006-11-08 gpoirierFix crash when attempting to seek in a streamed unseeka...
2006-11-08 diego10l: Overlooked one $(EXESUF) addition.
2006-11-08 diegoUpdate for malloc cast changes.
2006-11-08 gpoiriersync with r20774
2006-11-08 nicodvbchanged ugly sizeof(*type_ptr) width sizeof(type)
2006-11-08 diegoRevert nonsensical local change hunk that had no effect...
2006-11-08 nicodvbCOSMETICS: reformatted this ugly mess in a consistent...
2006-11-08 diegoMark modified files as such.
2006-11-08 reimarSupport URL redirections that do not specify full URL.
2006-11-08 rtogniUpdated for controversial changes and irc-only decisions
2006-11-08 gpoirierpartial sync
2006-11-08 diegoReset _ld_xvid so that stray libs do not appear on...