2018-04-13 ibDon't disallow loading a subtitle in Win32 GUI when...
2018-04-13 ibMake Win32 GUI's unix_name() globally accessible.
2018-04-13 ibAvoid warning in Win32 GUI.
2018-04-13 ibAvoid warning in Win32 GUI.
2018-04-13 ibCall mplayerLoadSubtitle() after destruction of the...
2018-04-13 ibImprove gmp_msg().
2018-04-12 ibRestrict the possibility to load a subtitle.
2018-04-12 ibFix broken subtitle track display after evDropSubtitle.
2018-04-12 ibDon't continue in case of an evLoadSubtitle error.
2018-04-12 ibFix broken evDropSubtitle.
2018-04-12 ibMake guiInfo.SubtitleFilename available as long as...
2018-04-12 ibRemove pointless code.
2018-04-12 ibDon't disallow loading a subtitle when playback is...
2018-04-12 ibDon't use guiInfo.SubtitleFilename as a copy of subdata.
2018-04-12 ibAdjust the count of SUB_SOURCE_SUBS when updating set_o...
2018-04-12 ibRestrict the possibility to load a separate audio track.
2018-04-12 ibFix broken evLoadAudioFile.
2018-04-11 ibRemove unused variables.
2018-04-11 ibRename parameters.
2018-04-11 ibRemove the menu item text extensions.
2018-04-11 ibAdd missing (so far blank) menu icons.
2018-04-11 ibUpdate the X PixMap dialog icons still required.
2018-04-11 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2018-04-11 ibGet rid of blank_1px.
2018-04-11 ibReplace X PixMap icons by new icons in Portable Network...
2018-04-05 ibReplace icons "dir2" and "open2" by "dir" and "open".
2018-04-05 ibMake AddMenuItem(), AddSubMenu() and AddSeparator(...
2018-04-05 ibChange German translation of MSGTR_GUI_DropSubtitle.
2018-04-05 ibRename X PixMap files.
2018-04-05 rtogniFix compilation with new FFmpeg that require generation...
2018-04-04 ibPrettify message boxes.
2018-04-04 ibPrettify the file selector dialog.
2018-04-04 ibRemove unreasonable gtk_widget_set_usize() calls.
2018-04-04 ibReplace language dependent description of DVD audio...
2018-04-04 ibEnable an adjustable spacing between pixmap and label.
2018-04-04 ibComplete the list of DVD audio channel numbers.
2018-04-04 ibUse a language independent notation for DVD audio chann...
2018-04-04 ibEnable playback menu items only during playback.
2018-04-04 ibImplement the (missing) GUI messages evForward* and...
2018-04-04 ibRemove commented code.
2018-04-04 ibAdd missing GUI messages evIncVolume and evDecVolume...
2018-04-04 ibAdd missing GUI message evIconify to the menu.
2018-04-04 ibPass window type to the (pop-up) menu.
2018-04-04 ibMake use of the window type enumeration constants.
2018-04-03 ibHarmonize Win32 GUI and X11/GTK GUI window types.
2018-04-03 ibIntroduce enumeration constants for the different windo...
2018-04-03 ibMove menu item "Drop subtitle".
2018-04-03 ibIntegrate the DVD audio track menu into the ordinary...
2018-04-03 ibCustomize DVD subtitle information to match ordinary...
2018-04-03 ibMake DVD subtitle menu item "(none)" a check menu item.
2018-04-03 ibIntegrate the DVD subtitle menu into the ordinary subti...
2018-04-03 ibMove menu item "Video tracks".
2018-04-03 ibRearrange menu items "Rotation" and "Aspect ratio".
2018-04-03 ibRearrange the aspect ratio menu items.
2018-04-03 ibMove menu item "Playlist".
2018-04-03 ibIncrease buffer lengths.
2018-04-03 ibShow original aspect ratio information.
2018-04-03 ibBe more specific about the files added in svn r34568.
2018-03-21 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg bsf filter_units
2018-03-20 alconfigure: Use pkg-config if freetype-config is unavailable
2018-02-24 reimarconfigure: faac, dirac and schroedinger are removed...
2018-02-24 reimarconfigure: Fix compilation against latest FFmpeg again.
2018-02-05 reimarde/mplayer.1: Fix bad encoding of character.
2018-01-16 aldemux_mng,vo_mng: Avoid inclusion of jpeg.h
2018-01-09 alconfigure: Fix detection for inet_aton function
2018-01-08 ibUpdate year.
2018-01-06 almuxer_avi: Remove needless memset to 0 after calloc
2018-01-04 alconfigure: Generate negative results for AVX512
2018-01-01 compndocs : typo
2018-01-01 compndocs : loop 0 is good for auto reconnection to live...
2017-12-23 alconfigure: x264: Don't do redundant linking checks
2017-12-22 alconfigure: MNG: Fix choosing the -l flags for the compiler
2017-11-30 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg AMF encoders
2017-11-26 iivePrepare configure for upcoming changes in FFmpeg.
2017-11-16 aldemux lavf: mp_read: Propagate EOF
2017-11-14 alconfigure: Broaden pattern to disable videotoolbox...
2017-11-05 alconfigure: Detect and use libopenjpeg2 only
2017-11-03 alconfigure: Remove useless line in helper function conta...
2017-11-02 albuild: Adjust to new internal structure of FFmpeg TLS...
2017-10-31 alve_lavc,ae_lavc: Adjust to work with newest FFmpeg...
2017-10-31 alconfigure: Fix build with newer FFmpeg
2017-10-28 iiveFix compilation with XvMC after FFmpeg version bump.
2017-10-22 alFix build after FFmpeg major bump
2017-10-21 alFix build with newer FFmpeg
2017-10-10 ibRespect a volume change while in ReplayGain playback.
2017-10-10 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2017-10-10 ibEnable ReplayGain for files without ReplayGain data.
2017-10-10 ibRevise German translation of MSGTR_GUI_ReplayGainAdjust...
2017-10-09 ibEnable skins to leave current volume unchanged at GUI...
2017-10-09 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2017-10-09 ibAdd symbol character 'g' for dynamic label variable $g.
2017-10-09 ibMake Win32 GUI's widget renderer more compatible
2017-10-09 ibMake ReplayGain options configurable through GUI's...
2017-10-09 ibImplement ReplayGain support.
2017-10-09 ibAdd GUI options for ReplayGain support.
2017-10-08 ibFix corrupt German man page.
2017-10-07 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent and spacing.
2017-10-07 ibFully support cue sheet playlist entries in playlist...
2017-10-07 ibPrepare cue sheet playlist support in playlist dialog.
2017-10-07 ibRevise playlist dialog code.