2007-09-09 voroshilFix redundant declaration warnings for variables alread...
2007-09-09 voroshilOption adevice is implemented for all tv:// drivers.
2007-09-09 diegoAdd comments to some #endif preprocessor directives.
2007-09-09 Gabrovsynced with r24381
2007-09-09 diegoMove vo_3dfx check after vo_dga check, vo_3dfx needs...
2007-09-09 diegowarning fix:
2007-09-09 diegowarning fix:
2007-09-09 diegowarning fix:
2007-09-09 diegowarning fix:
2007-09-09 diegowarning fix:
2007-09-09 reimarAdd nuv codec tag mapping
2007-09-09 reimarMark lavfpref demuxer as safe, so it that it is actuall...
2007-09-09 compnadd instruction how to use parallel h264 deoding
2007-09-08 zuxyFix fast_cmov detection broken by r24371
2007-09-08 zuxyUse -march=native (avail. since gcc 4.2) when possible
2007-09-08 gpoirierAdd a check for c->head being NULL in pullup_free_conte...
2007-09-08 voroshilAdd "teletext patches" string to Otvos Attila's list
2007-09-08 reimarFix borders for xmga broken by r23675. Tested by Diego.
2007-09-08 voroshilAvoid releasing of unallocated memory.
2007-09-08 voroshilFix for:
2007-09-08 voroshilMore accurate calculating of teletext
2007-09-08 voroshilImplement boxes for subtitle teletext pages.
2007-09-08 voroshilAlways initialize pUnk pointer with zero.
2007-09-08 voroshilDecrease teletext page rendering frequency from 1/frame...
2007-09-07 cehoyosFix typo in r24360
2007-09-07 uauFix compilation after FFmpeg AUDIO_(DE)MUXER split
2007-09-07 voroshilr24356: spelling fixes, pointed by Diego
2007-09-07 cehoyosFix compilation after FFmpeg r10426.
2007-09-06 diegoClarify teletext tlang option.
2007-09-06 voroshilspelling fixes, pointed by Diego
2007-09-06 voroshilr24294: suboption consistency, add fixme document ...
2007-09-06 voroshilr24216: Add missed in r24212 strings definitions
2007-09-06 voroshilr24216: Add missed in r24212 strings definitions
2007-09-06 ivoadd ; at the end of the sed commands. this fixes operat...
2007-09-06 ivoremove cut&paste from ffmpeg mistake. cd "$1" does...
2007-09-06 diegoFix AltiVec autodetection: The autodetection was overri...
2007-09-06 reimarSupport lowdelay flag
2007-09-05 gpoiriermention Slice-based parallel H.264 decoding in changelog
2007-09-05 gpoiriersync w/ r24329
2007-09-05 diegoReplace short region code explanation by more detailed...
2007-09-05 cehoyosFix compilation after FFmpeg r10411.
2007-09-05 diegoRemove technical description of DVDs and libdvdread...
2007-09-05 diegoAllow XF86AudioLowerVolume/XF86AudioRaiseVolume keys...
2007-09-05 diegoMatroska muxer now available in libavformat.
2007-09-04 diegoMove debug message to verbose output level.
2007-09-04 diegoRemove obsolete libac3 entry.
2007-09-04 diegowarnig fix (blessed by Rich):
2007-09-04 reimarAdd a bicubic scaler that needs a lot more instruction...
2007-09-03 reimarDo not reset user-enabled mute on EOF, but only on...
2007-09-03 voroshilFix for:
2007-09-03 reimarFix compilation after patch to remove global vo_hdc
2007-09-03 reimarRemove global vo_hdc, since it is recommended to releas...
2007-09-03 reimarRemove checks that in the worst case will completely...
2007-09-03 reimarMake sure aspect hint is adjusted on aspect change
2007-09-02 reimarCosmetics: set vo_hint.flags at more consistent places...
2007-09-02 Gabrovsynced with r24329
2007-09-02 uaumanpage fix: escape '\' in -vf geq description
2007-09-02 nicodvbdecerebrated-proof guide to the instalation of dvdnav
2007-09-02 kraymerfix broken MinGW-Howto link
2007-09-02 Gabrovsynced with r24310
2007-09-02 voroshilIncrease number of skipped buffers to 5 to avoid mixing...
2007-09-01 nicodvba mouse selection may require at least a video codec...
2007-09-01 nicodvbimplemented STREAM_CTRL_GET_ASPECT_RATIO
2007-09-01 nicodvbmoved to reinit_video_chain() the assignment of sh_vide...
2007-09-01 voroshilMake sure that no pages will left in cache during
2007-09-01 nicodvbif the stream reader supports it assign to the video...
2007-09-01 nicodvbadded .stream_aspect to st_video_t: if non-zero and...
2007-09-01 nicodvbimplemented STREAM_CTRL_GET_ASPECT_RATIO
2007-09-01 nicodvbintroduced STREAM_CTRL_GET_ASPECT_RATIO to report the...
2007-09-01 voroshilDrop out control chars from page header in time position.
2007-09-01 iiveRemove imported rational calculation code and use the...
2007-09-01 voroshilFix missed -1 -> 0x3f7f changes for subpage number.
2007-09-01 voroshilFix displaying start page when it has subpages.
2007-09-01 voroshilProper support for flashing chars in teletext pages.
2007-08-31 gpoiriersync w/r24310
2007-08-31 voroshilSupport for selecting language via packet 28.
2007-08-31 mhoffmanrenaming ARCH_BFIN to HAVE_BFIN
2007-08-31 diegoMake DGA 1 and DGA 2 separately selectable.
2007-08-31 diegowarning fixes:
2007-08-31 diegoRemove pointless forward declarations.
2007-08-30 diegocosmetics: Sort some lines, whitespace changes.
2007-08-30 cehoyosAdded Sun VO driver for Denes Balatoni
2007-08-30 kraymerignore some symlinked files
2007-08-29 Gabrovsynced with r24301
2007-08-29 compnreplace deleted line
2007-08-29 voroshilSmall code simplification as suggested by Reimar:
2007-08-29 voroshilSimplify code by using FFSWAP
2007-08-29 voroshil(cosmetics) replace tabs with spaces
2007-08-29 voroshil(cosmetics) fix indentation of previous commit
2007-08-29 voroshilImplement Hold/Release graphics (showing control chars as
2007-08-29 voroshilImplement Flash/Steady (swapping foreground/background...
2007-08-29 compnsuboption consistency, add fixme document -vivo suboptions
2007-08-29 compnremove planned features, ok by diego
2007-08-29 kraymersync with r24137, patch by JRaSH
2007-08-29 voroshilMake charset constants naming consistant
2007-08-29 diegoPurge looooong obsolete remnants of vo_fsdga.
2007-08-29 diegoRemove unused extern int declaration.
2007-08-29 cehoyosSilence make's 'Please run configure again' if it was...
2007-08-29 diegocosmetics: Fix up whitespace, indentation and similar...
2007-08-29 diegoFix linking on Windows.