2004-07-25 reimarremoved saver_on, saver_off calls, they are already...
2004-07-25 rtognimpFix segfault caused by changing a pointer that will...
2004-07-25 rathannfix segfault when loading subtitles (idea by pl)
2004-07-24 nauj27almost sync
2004-07-23 aladded src level documentation for the get_path() function
2004-07-23 alfalse-use-of-get_path() memleak fixes.
2004-07-23 nplourderemoved ref to extern WinID
2004-07-23 nplourdeadd support for -rootwin command
2004-07-23 nplourdeadd rootwin cmd to mac osx
2004-07-22 nplourdelisten for key repeats, patch by Dan Christiansen
2004-07-22 reimarfix for people experimenting with GUI under windows
2004-07-22 paszczitypo
2004-07-22 paszczisync
2004-07-21 rathannupdate RedHat RPM sites in doc translations
2004-07-21 rathannupdate RPM site location in docs
2004-07-21 diegonroff bugs fixed.
2004-07-21 alexreduced code complexity, and also made consistent with...
2004-07-21 alexremoving broken and unneeded copy
2004-07-21 alexskip ecc only if present, patch by Alexis Durelle ...
2004-07-20 diegounmaintained, outdated, unnecessary, removed
2004-07-20 diegoreorganized, reformatted, explanation improved, typos...
2004-07-20 diegoFix typos and better explanatory text.
2004-07-20 diegoPatches should get an answer.
2004-07-20 diego0.18 was never released and a few dates added.
2004-07-20 michaelmencoder psnr segfaults on readonly fs patch by (Fabio...
2004-07-20 paszczisynced with 1.121
2004-07-20 paszczisynced with 1.629
2004-07-20 paszczisync
2004-07-20 attila-adapters only works with directx
2004-07-20 rsfUpdated to conform to a small change in the LIVE.COM...
2004-07-20 rsfUpdated to cnform to a small change in the LIVE.COM...
2004-07-20 diegoHint about . and ' in nroff.
2004-07-19 diegoupdates and fixes by Sebastian Krämer <>
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typo
2004-07-19 diegoname change
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typo
2004-07-19 diegotypo
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typo and new name
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typo
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typos
2004-07-19 diego-monitor-* options corrected.
2004-07-19 diegocat disclaimer > /dev/null
2004-07-19 diegoRemove stray \.
2004-07-19 diegotypo
2004-07-19 diegoname change, codec download location
2004-07-19 diegotypos pointed out by The Wanderer.
2004-07-18 paszcziremoved unnecessary comments
2004-07-18 paszczimanpage translated (finally) by Torinthiel and me
2004-07-18 paszczisync
2004-07-18 paszczistyle
2004-07-18 alexno redefinition, clashes with OpenBSD
2004-07-17 dannySynced with 1.624
2004-07-17 reimarchanged misleading TEXTUREFORMAT_32BPP (was 24bpp!...
2004-07-17 reimaruse RGB32 textures on OS X
2004-07-17 alexindividual sub_select option not interferring with...
2004-07-17 alex1, killed some 100l's (no error checking). 2, added...
2004-07-17 iivelet DirectFB find it's headers in --with-extraincdir=DIR
2004-07-17 alexfix altivec.h inclusion (vector keyword in structure)
2004-07-17 alexsimplify the init
2004-07-17 alexsome fixes
2004-07-16 iivecache min fill adjustment, based on patch by Jeremy...
2004-07-16 lumagMajor translation update. Sync, some rewording, etc.
2004-07-16 lumagtypo
2004-07-16 lumagAdd <application> tags around MPlayer.
2004-07-16 lumagtwo small typos
2004-07-16 nplourdeFixed typo
2004-07-15 rtognimpCinepak, CVID and RoqA/V are now in ffmpeg
2004-07-15 rtognimpCinepak and RoqA/V are now in ffmpeg
2004-07-15 rtognimpCinepak, CYUV and RoqA/V are now in ffmpeg
2004-07-15 nplourdeAdd Window Level Key, Can switch mode with T key
2004-07-15 lumagSync, reword, fix 80 column barrier :)
2004-07-15 diegoIt's past midnight ;-P
2004-07-14 diegoNumber of subtitles corrected.
2004-07-14 diegolast changes for pre5 (really)
2004-07-14 diegoVCD support does not yet work on OpenBSD.
2004-07-14 paszczisynchronizoation
2004-07-14 joypingremoved status in debug_msg as it is nonsens anyway.
2004-07-14 iivemissed function name change after ENCA support commit
2004-07-14 diegolast minute changes/typos
2004-07-14 diego-use-stdin renamed to -noconsolecontrols.
2004-07-14 diegotrailing whitespace removed (cosmetics)
2004-07-14 diegopid syntax documented by Nico Sabbi
2004-07-14 diegocd and cgop lavc options documented, based on a patch...
2004-07-14 diegoPatches should be created from the root of the source...
2004-07-14 joypingvolume calc fixes for mixer, by reimar döffinger, 10l...
2004-07-13 diegosaner order, additions, deletions for pre5
2004-07-13 diegofinal (?) pre5 changes
2004-07-13 diegoclarification
2004-07-13 reimarao_alsa now uses the device= suboption syntax instead...
2004-07-13 iivefix 10l fixed_quant bug reported by Michael
2004-07-13 joypingfixes provided by reimar dörfinger. mixer, subdevice...
2004-07-12 rtognimpStatus updates and comments about other dll required...
2004-07-12 nicodvbadded multi-pid parsing code (up to 15), pid 0 is alway...
2004-07-12 diegoFix build on Turkish locales when LC_ALL is already...
2004-07-12 diegoOpenBSD portability fixes from the OpenBSD ports tree
2004-07-12 faust3x86_64 fix by John Stebbins <>
2004-07-11 rtognimpMake rtp:// cohexist with LIVE.COM
2004-07-11 rtognimpIndentation fix from previous patch, as discussed on...
2004-07-11 diegoOpenBSD portability patches from the OpenBSD ports...
2004-07-11 rtognimpThis fixes the problems that originated from my ewmh