2001-12-09 arpicompiling and linking liba52 too
2001-12-09 alexupdated for avifile compilance
2001-12-09 alexupdated cpudetection
2001-12-09 alexadded cpuStepping to CpuCaps struct (needed win32.c)
2001-12-09 plPatch by Kim Minh Kaplan <>:
2001-12-09 melansoncommitted corrected speed calculation
2001-12-09 arpig72x and a52 added
2001-12-09 alexupdated raw codecs
2001-12-09 alexgive the IMGFMT_ for sh_video->format not 0x0
2001-12-09 alexvfm_raw hack: set outfmt if format != 0x0 (for tv input)
2001-12-09 arpisample program for testing liba52
2001-12-09 arpimplayer-liba52 config interface
2001-12-09 arpiimported from liba52 CVS
2001-12-09 michaelruntime cpu detection
2001-12-09 arpiruntime stuff
2001-12-09 arpiupdates...
2001-12-09 arpiCC version check done by Makefile to allow overriding...
2001-12-08 jafupdated
2001-12-08 atmos4Add sample bins.
2001-12-08 mswitchRemoved hardware syncing support. Actually movies seem...
2001-12-08 alexACODEC_COPY
2001-12-08 alexfixed cbr audiocopy (if no sh_audio->wf)
2001-12-08 alexfixed framecopy
2001-12-08 gabucinowidth and height aren't mandatory anymore
2001-12-08 gabucinono filename required from tuner
2001-12-08 nick- added capture registers
2001-12-08 nickFixed scaling in doublescan & interlaced modes
2001-12-08 atmos4Add aspect 4 to known aspect codes, probably SECAM...
2001-12-08 alexno filename needed for tv grabbing
2001-12-08 alexdo not fault if 2pass VbrControl can't open the logfile
2001-12-08 alexselectable 2pass logfilename
2001-12-08 alexdefault size 320x200
2001-12-07 alexfixed typo
2001-12-07 steveCorrected front:surround levels
2001-12-07 gabucinoto follow unix traditions
2001-12-07 gabucino-dumpstream added
2001-12-07 pldead code (not/never used anywhere)
2001-12-07 nickFixed scaling in doublescan modes
2001-12-07 nickMinor fixes
2001-12-07 nickMinor flag changes
2001-12-07 nickrage128_vid are fully works!!!
2001-12-07 bertrandChecked the return values on read.
2001-12-07 jafsimilar to v1.14
2001-12-07 arpiset all frames to keyframes for -ovc frameno - allow...
2001-12-07 arpiehh. frame skipping fixed for -ovc frameno
2001-12-06 arpinew video codec: frameno (just the number of frame...
2001-12-06 nexustypo
2001-12-06 nexus==/= fix
2001-12-06 arpirecursive CC fixed
2001-12-06 arpilibmp3lame optional
2001-12-06 arpimp3lame detection separated, some unneeded -lm removed
2001-12-06 arpi-lm moved to the end of lib list
2001-12-06 arpiUsing CBR stream format for CBR mp3 audio
2001-12-06 jafsimilar to 1.15
2001-12-06 michaelprint more info if -v
2001-12-06 jaftested with more files, works well
2001-12-06 gabucinolibdvdread + lib(dvd)css version number problems
2001-12-06 arpiseparated release and future entries
2001-12-06 nickCode cleanup
2001-12-06 nickMinor fixes
2001-12-06 bertrandFixed a missing </a>.
2001-12-06 michaeldithering info wasnt displayed
2001-12-06 michaelvertical cubic/linear scaling
2001-12-05 gabucinodunnowhat Q/A de biztos jo
2001-12-05 arpilibvo2 draft by Ivan - with linewrapping...
2001-12-05 atmos4-aspect ration correction
2001-12-05 atmos4Readd NAS lib, something else missing? Please better...
2001-12-05 alexcompile if no uyvy support (test this change)
2001-12-05 alexadded DIRECTFB_LIB to VO_LIBS to compile using vo_direc...
2001-12-05 alexadded directfb to _vomodules
2001-12-05 plpatch by Tobias Diedrich <>
2001-12-05 plCVS is still broken with gcc3. This fixes it.
2001-12-05 nickRage128 problems. Attempt #3
2001-12-05 mswitchMinor typo fix (which I thought I commited yesterday)
2001-12-05 melansonfixed Video 1 bug which cut off decoding too soon,...
2001-12-05 melansonupdated to reflect BGR32 support in MS Video 1 decoder
2001-12-05 atmos4Update regarding linmp1e usage, submitted by D: Holm
2001-12-04 mswitchSwitched from rte which caused alot of problems for...
2001-12-04 mswitchTried fixing a bug relating to users with digital audio...
2001-12-04 mswitchAdded support for the libmp1e ultrafast mpeg1 realtime...
2001-12-04 gabucinoconfigure output no longer needed
2001-12-04 jafmpegpes added to output modules
2001-12-04 jafsimilar to 1.6, finished
2001-12-04 arpiCPU detection added
2001-12-04 arpi-slave patch by Kilian A. Foth <foth@informatik.uni...
2001-12-04 jafsimilar to 1.47, no finished yes
2001-12-04 arpiuse return 1; if interrupted - patch by Artur Skawina...
2001-12-04 stevefixed to check that SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS actually grants...
2001-12-04 alexdo not crash if can't get modelines (dga2.0)
2001-12-04 nexusunistd.h required at least by FreeBSD
2001-12-04 steveLIBAO_PLUGIN_EXTERN expansion uses wrong type
2001-12-04 steveinclude pl_surround in available plugins
2001-12-04 stevecompile pl_surround.c
2001-12-04 steveDolby Surround decoding audio plugin
2001-12-04 jafadded rawbgr modes by Artur Zaprzala <artur.zaprzala...
2001-12-04 jafsimilar to 1.125
2001-12-04 jafframedrop extended
2001-12-04 andersFormat plugin now with working switch statements
2001-12-04 andersGlobal variables protected using volatile
2001-12-04 anderscorreced memory deallocation bug and erors in comments