2004-05-01 reimarGUI support
2004-05-01 lumagSync, update my email.
2004-05-01 henry10000000000l twisted typecasting
2004-05-01 michaellimits too small, my CBR mp3 samples have 2x overhead...
2004-05-01 rfelkermore lvalue casts, ugly this time
2004-05-01 rfelkermore lvalue casts
2004-05-01 rfelkermore nonsense lvalue casts, at least these aren't quite...
2004-05-01 rfelkerand more and more stupidity
2004-05-01 rfelkermore stupidity
2004-05-01 rfelker1000000000000l
2004-05-01 wightsync + wording
2004-05-01 faust3keepaspect and nokeepaspect are now useable by all vos
2004-05-01 wightsync
2004-05-01 wightS/PDIF spelling corrected
2004-05-01 michaelcosmetic
2004-05-01 rtognimp100l for me. Header seek is not needed to fix 28_8...
2004-04-30 diegostandard notation
2004-04-30 michaeladditional start_code rule (implemenattion does this...
2004-04-30 diegowording
2004-04-30 ranmaAllow user to disable writing of ODML index
2004-04-30 ranmaOnly use odml index for files that need it
2004-04-30 faust3support for a few more radeons patch by Reza Jelveh...
2004-04-30 faust310l on cygwin WIN32 gets defined in config.h
2004-04-30 faust3add X11 headers to OPTFLAGS patch by Steven M. Schultz...
2004-04-30 faust3Make it compile on mingw again. Now it is finally possi...
2004-04-30 rfelkermore cola, not mine tho
2004-04-30 rfelkerminimal fix for alex's 1000000000000l compile errors...
2004-04-30 rfelkeroops, forgot this with the softskip patch
2004-04-30 rfelker100l to me!
2004-04-29 rtognimpRemove MSZH/ZLIB, FLI and QTRLE, they are now in ffmpeg
2004-04-29 bertrandShould be Connection: close, and not closed.
2004-04-29 mosuLeave the subs uninitialized and not "forcefully off...
2004-04-29 wightsync
2004-04-29 diegospelling
2004-04-29 diegotypos, wording
2004-04-29 wightXML translation complete
2004-04-29 nauj27sync by Andoni Zubimendi <andoni at>
2004-04-29 alexdewinify
2004-04-29 alexsync by paszczi
2004-04-29 alexdon't even mention avifile, 14 subtitles
2004-04-29 alexforgot to commit
2004-04-28 alexremoved loader/ dependancy, imported some files from...
2004-04-28 paszczisync
2004-04-28 rfelkerupdated documentation for detc,ivtc,pullup
2004-04-28 rfelkerdocument harddup and softskip
2004-04-28 rfelkersoft skipping for mencoder. rather than skipping decodi...
2004-04-28 rfelker1l debug junk
2004-04-28 rfelkerforgot this, needed for vf_harddup
2004-04-28 rfelker"hard" frame duplication for mencoder. this finally...
2004-04-28 michaelremove frame types
2004-04-27 alexplay the audio buffer in case of normal eof (i know...
2004-04-27 diegoSpelling, mention that one vulnerability was fixed...
2004-04-27 diegoMark all options that work only in combination with...
2004-04-27 rfelkerdon't use odml when we don't have to -- the code is...
2004-04-27 alexwma9 speech codec dmo and dshow entries
2004-04-27 rtognimpFix for 28_8 in rm files and header length != 0x4e
2004-04-27 rtognimpMore about myself + typo
2004-04-27 diegoHint about testing different colorspaces and putting...
2004-04-27 rathannvocabulary
2004-04-27 diego2 more FAQs based on a patch made by Compn.
2004-04-27 diegoSend updates to mplayer-docs instead of dev-eng, wordin...
2004-04-27 diegoEnglish messages removed, comments summarized.
2004-04-27 diegomore demuxer maintainers
2004-04-27 diegoupdates
2004-04-27 diegotypos pointed out by the wanderer
2004-04-27 diegoMore credit for adland, added a missing name.
2004-04-27 alexfinal
2004-04-27 diegoCopyright notice added back.
2004-04-27 diegodvb_set_channel now has two parameters, patch by Nico...
2004-04-27 diegospelling, additions, slight reordering
2004-04-27 diegoNew and old maintainers added.
2004-04-27 diegomultiple DVB card syntax, based on a patch by Nico...
2004-04-27 diegoDVB now supports multiple cards, patch by Nico Sabbi.
2004-04-26 nicodvbnew configuration structure, gcc warn silencing
2004-04-26 nicodvbnew configuration structure, multi-card support
2004-04-26 nicodvbnew configuration structure, dvb_set_channel takes...
2004-04-26 nicodvbslave command dvb_set_channel now takes 2 arguments...
2004-04-26 rtognimpUpdate
2004-04-26 michaelfix possible segfault on lavf demuxer patch by (adland...
2004-04-26 michaelattribute_used patch by (VMiklos <mamajom at axelero...
2004-04-26 diegoThe eve of a new release is always a good time to take...
2004-04-26 michaelattribute_used patch by (matthieu castet <castet.matthi...
2004-04-26 rtognimpFix embedded smil playlist detection if there are param...
2004-04-26 diegoadditions, wording
2004-04-26 diegospelling, some additions
2004-04-26 rfelkerimo i'm one of the nut spec authors :)
2004-04-26 nplourdeAdd Fullscreen, Ontop and OSD support
2004-04-26 nplourdeAdded Nicolas Plourde
2004-04-26 diegotypos
2004-04-26 alexrelease name, changes
2004-04-26 alexattribute_used for gcc3.4
2004-04-26 alexreorder funcs to avoid warnings/errors (gccs are nowada...
2004-04-26 alexattribute_used macro
2004-04-26 rfelkerpotentially exploitable buffer overflow with maliciousl...
2004-04-26 rfelkerfix exploitable buffer overflow
2004-04-26 alexmissing
2004-04-26 alexsupport for ATI fireglx
2004-04-26 alexa52 dynamic range compression support by Peter Gansterer
2004-04-26 alexupdated
2004-04-26 diegoOgg spelling fixed as pointed out by the wanderer.