2006-10-18 eugeniSupport separate rotation angle for each glyph.
2006-10-18 eugeniMove base point calculation to a separate function...
2006-10-18 eugeniCosmetics: remove commented code.
2006-10-18 reimarredone subcp_recode: get rid of static buffer, skip...
2006-10-18 eugeniFix a typo in collision detection code.
2006-10-18 ptttypo fix
2006-10-18 gpoiriersync w/ r19738
2006-10-18 pttsync with r20288
2006-10-18 gpoiriersync w/ r20288
2006-10-18 gpoiriersync w/ r20083
2006-10-18 kraymermore updates on chinese translation
2006-10-17 diegoThis file is not modified from the upstream version,
2006-10-17 nicodvbfixed corner case previously mishandled: don't play...
2006-10-17 lorenmvf uspp description: it now uses snow, not mpeg4
2006-10-17 diegoAdd configure switch to enable fixed-pointed mode of...
2006-10-17 diegotypo fixes
2006-10-17 syrjalas/vo_osd_changed/vo_osd_changed_flag
2006-10-17 syrjalaRound buffer width and height to 16 pixels.
2006-10-17 kraymerrewording of config file usage
2006-10-17 kraymerr20257: Disable loading of file-specific configuration...
2006-10-17 gpoiriersync w/20280
2006-10-17 kraymerremove me=3 leftover (x264)
2006-10-17 kraymermention new -use-filedir-conf option in general config...
2006-10-17 gpoiriersync with 20277
2006-10-16 lorenmUpdate x264 option names that changed with r20060
2006-10-16 michaelbilinear interpolation
2006-10-16 eugeniRemove an outdated debug message.
2006-10-16 michael200 byte is too little
2006-10-16 pttsync up to r20265 + some li'l fix
2006-10-16 michaelgeneric equation filter
2006-10-16 gpoiriersync w/ r19715
2006-10-16 gpoirierWoops, forgot to bump sync tag
2006-10-16 gpoirierSync w/ 20260
2006-10-16 diegoSkip -march tests for values that are aliases of alread...
2006-10-16 pttli'l fix
2006-10-16 diegoRemove unused variable.
2006-10-16 gpoirierUse American spelling of "gray" instead for British...
2006-10-16 diegosmall grammar fix
2006-10-16 gpoiriersync w/ r20257
2006-10-16 gpoirierr20237
2006-10-16 diegolibdv may depend on libpthread.
2006-10-16 gpoirierUpdate x264 option names that changed with r20060
2006-10-16 gpoiriersync with r20132
2006-10-15 lorenmfix multiple instances of -x264encopts on the commandli...
2006-10-15 rtogniDisable loading of file-specific configuration file...
2006-10-15 reimarImplement AOPLAY_FINAL_CHUNK support for dshow and...
2006-10-15 kraymerr20254: bump date, small consistency fix
2006-10-15 diegobump date, small consistency fix
2006-10-15 kraymerescape - (bobdeint)
2006-10-15 reynaldoas anounced, just some cleaning, purely janitorial...
2006-10-15 reimarMove "Play CD/DVD/VCD/SVCD" submenu generation to right...
2006-10-15 reimarImplement bob (pseudo?) deinterlacing for xvmc.
2006-10-15 kraymerr20237: Escape some more - signs.
2006-10-15 Gabrovman/hu/mplayer.1 synced with r20237
2006-10-15 kraymerconvert chinese man page to UTF-8
2006-10-15 rtogniSupport new realaudio codec names
2006-10-15 diegoRemove Linux test from DirectFB check, it runs on some...
2006-10-15 gpoiriersyn with r20043, Patch by Emmanuel Turlay %bluesmanu...
2006-10-15 reimarstrcat->strcpy simplification
2006-10-15 gpoirierActually convert sync tag to subversion style (and...
2006-10-15 reimarSet SetErrorMode to make sure no dialog box will pop...
2006-10-15 gpoirierBump sync tag, remove useless FIXME
2006-10-15 kraymermissing console messages are (also) replaced by English...
2006-10-15 kraymerupdate mailman links
2006-10-15 diegoEscape some more - signs.
2006-10-15 diegoRemove bogus warning about missing font.
2006-10-15 rtogniFix timestamps for streams where kf_base gets negative
2006-10-15 diegoSebastian now coordinates translations, some cosmetics.
2006-10-15 diegoSync with FFmpeg r6700.
2006-10-15 reimarFix crash because of last_glyph < first_glyph, probably...
2006-10-15 kraymercosmetics: indentation
2006-10-15 reimarImplement -noidx since index can use quite a bit of...
2006-10-15 diegoRemove test for framebuffer device from DirectFB check.
2006-10-15 voroshilSync with r20191
2006-10-15 kraymersync with r20191
2006-10-15 Gabrovsynced with r20176
2006-10-15 diegoRemove removed/renamed files.
2006-10-15 diegoAdd standard svn:eol-style and svn:keywords properties...
2006-10-15 Gabrovsynced with r20183
2006-10-15 Gabrovsynced with r20194
2006-10-15 GabrovDeleting formats.xml and users-vs-dev.xml.
2006-10-15 Gabrovsynced with r20083
2006-10-15 nicodvbduring stream detection always parse ts_probesize bytes...
2006-10-14 reynaldohurried pre-release update, partially synced with r20191
2006-10-14 vayneas per request, fullscreen and mute options have been...
2006-10-14 diegoCreate proper define for DFBMGA.
2006-10-14 diegoRemove senseless DIRECTFBVERSION check, we require...
2006-10-14 diegoRemove intrinsics check, they are no longer used in...
2006-10-14 reimarRemove unused ABS define
2006-10-14 diegoSync mail-lists.xml removal.
2006-10-14 gpoiriersync: radio w/r20051, history.xml w/r14025, usage.xml...
2006-10-14 diegoUse = instead of == for extra portability.
2006-10-14 diegoUse = instead of == for extra portability.
2006-10-14 eugeniZerofill libass static variables during initialization.
2006-10-14 eugeniFree FT_Stroker during libass deinitialization.
2006-10-14 kraymerr20189: Some more consistency for the -pvr options...
2006-10-14 kraymerr20191: slight overall verbosity reduction
2006-10-14 rtogniRemove useless assignements, thanks reimar for noticing...
2006-10-13 eugeniFix typo in sub_delay external specification.
2006-10-13 reimarRemove dead code (condition can obviously never be...