2006-11-17 diegosupport for some more fringe formats, still buggy ..
2006-11-17 reimarTry reading palette for vobsub
2006-11-17 reimarSupport palette for general vobsub
2006-11-17 reimarSince vobsub_lang and sub_select do the same, 'b' and...
2006-11-17 reimarPseudo-support for subtitles in
2006-11-17 reimarconsistently use M_PROPERTY_ERROR/M_PROPERTY_OK as...
2006-11-17 reimarMinor mp_property_deinterlace simplification
2006-11-17 reimarAdd deinterlace property, patch by Carl Eugen Hoyos
2006-11-17 reimarAdapt code to annoying ShowCursor semantics (increases...
2006-11-17 ods15missed piece in update to libnut API - non negative...
2006-11-17 voroshilr20972: defined MSGTR_OSDVideo
2006-11-17 gpoiriersync w/r20969
2006-11-17 voroshiladd public wrapper for get_frequency
2006-11-17 voroshilChange verbosity level from MSGL_V to MSGL_INFO for...
2006-11-17 michaelclarify syncpoint placement recommanditions
2006-11-17 michaelseeking
2006-11-17 michaeldts & synchronous decoder
2006-11-17 diegosupport flic video through lavf
2006-11-17 reimarPut files fully owned by my under GPL v2 "or later"
2006-11-17 gpoirierFix AMD64 support, patch by Reimar Doffinger
2006-11-17 ods15some more updates
2006-11-17 diegosome updates
2006-11-17 kraymerfix some mixed up usage messages and unify with master...
2006-11-17 kraymerr20972: defined MSGTR_OSDVideo
2006-11-17 nicodvbdefined MSGTR_OSDVideo
2006-11-16 nicodvbCOSMETICS: reformatted
2006-11-16 nicodvbrestored circular looping when changing audio and video...
2006-11-16 kraymerdocument new key binding for switching video streams...
2006-11-16 nicodvbreset demuxer's buffered demux_packet after DEMUXER_CTR...
2006-11-16 nicodvbimplemented DEMUXER_CTRL_SWITCH_VIDEO
2006-11-16 nicodvbassociated _ to 'step_property switch_video'
2006-11-16 nicodvbhandle video stream switch using 'switch_video' property'
2006-11-16 nicodvbadded code to switch video stream
2006-11-16 nicodvbmoved video codec/filters/outdevice initialization...
2006-11-16 michaelforgotten 2 converters (yeah svn up, svn di svn ci...
2006-11-16 michaelfixing the lamest bug in swscale, all the rgb/bgr-...
2006-11-16 diegocosmetics: Restore alphabetical order, align both tables.
2006-11-16 diegoRemove stray newline.
2006-11-16 diegosupport for RoQ video and audio through libavformat
2006-11-16 diegosupport for Electronic Arts ADPCM audio
2006-11-16 diegosupport for Delphine CIN audio and video
2006-11-16 diegoMark internal lavf FourCCs as such.
2006-11-16 ods15update to libnut API, non-negative errors
2006-11-16 reynaldoRemoving redundant entry, kraymer is doing all this...
2006-11-16 diegosupport for Interplay DPCM audio
2006-11-16 diegocosmetics: alphabetical order and prettyprinting for...
2006-11-16 diegosupport for Sierra VMD video
2006-11-16 diegoAdd support for Tiertex SEQ video.
2006-11-16 torinthielsynced with r20879
2006-11-15 diegoAdd support for Westwood IMA ADPCM audio.
2006-11-15 gpoirierFix segfault with videos with unusual resolution, patch...
2006-11-15 iiveWhen testing lame preset presence, use actuall lame_set...
2006-11-15 voroshilmissing small update about libsmb in previous commit
2006-11-15 voroshilr20933: libvorbis is not necessary for Vorbis playback...
2006-11-15 ods15update to libnut, no nut_skip_packet()
2006-11-15 ods15update to libnut API, don't free the streams
2006-11-15 diegoOutput UTF-8 instead of legacy encodings by default.
2006-11-15 kraymerr20878: [cosmetics] (skipped)
2006-11-15 ods15revert last 2 commits on nut.txt
2006-11-14 rtogniDon't spam the console with timestamps (non-error messa...
2006-11-14 rtogniFix extradata passing to lavc RV20 decoder
2006-11-14 torinthiel[cosmetics] Fix indentation
2006-11-14 torinthielSynced with r20933
2006-11-14 diegolibvorbis is not necessary for Vorbis playback, small...
2006-11-14 kraymeradd character encoding info
2006-11-14 reimarIntroduce step_property command.
2006-11-14 reimarFix Unkown -> Unknown typo
2006-11-14 voroshilr20900: Missing : in -vf expand ar example
2006-11-14 gpoiriersync w/ 20637, patch by Francois franz A ephack P net
2006-11-14 ods15bump date of NUT spec for previous commit
2006-11-14 ods15allow info packets to appear in mid-stream, outside...
2006-11-14 ods15update to libnut, add cache_syncpoints
2006-11-14 reimar10l copy&Ãpaste bug in subtitle sh handling
2006-11-14 uauUse vf control for reading pts from vf_vo
2006-11-14 gpoirierremplace le tutoiement par le vouvoiement de l'utilisat...
2006-11-14 reimarFix statement-before-declaration warnings.
2006-11-14 uauRemove write-only variable
2006-11-14 uauUpdate OSD contents only after the correct values for...
2006-11-14 diegoClarify messages for unavailable options.
2006-11-14 uauMove xscreensaver_heartbeat call next to vo check_events
2006-11-14 uauReplace sleep time calculation in main() with a separat...
2006-11-14 uausimplify
2006-11-14 uauMove -frames check out of frame flip code (like -endpos...
2006-11-14 uauRemove some unused code.
2006-11-14 uauMove endpos handling from page flip code to a saner...
2006-11-14 uaumove vo event check together with gui event check
2006-11-14 ods15update to libnut, rename nut.h->libnut.h
2006-11-14 uauRemove some incorrect code
2006-11-14 uauUpdate libao2 description, delete completely outdated...
2006-11-14 uauTry filling audio buffers more if they're very large...
2006-11-14 uauMove audio playing code from main() into a separate...
2006-11-14 uauRemove useless check.
2006-11-14 uauSplit some from main() into separate functions.
2006-11-13 gpoiriersync with r20900
2006-11-13 kraymerr20900: Missing : in -vf expand ar example
2006-11-13 reimarMissing : in -vf expand ar example
2006-11-13 gpoirierrename: XviD -> Xvid
2006-11-13 gpoiriersync with r20876
2006-11-13 voroshilr20872: Clarify -dumpaudio, it is not useful normally